How to Repair Crack in Glass Window?

A crack in glass is a big problem. First of all, it’s not safe to leave the window in such condition especially if you have kids. The second reason why you should look for a solution immediately is the fact that water or wind can come through the crack and then a lot of money that you spend on heating up your place especially in winter will be wasted. The third reason is a poor look which will spoil the whole atmosphere in the house. You can place tape over the crack and wait for a couple of days having a piece of tape covering the glass. The worse that can happen is glass can fail spontaneously from the change of temperature or wind. Since a crack affects the whole structure of the pane, it’s really unsafe to leave a cracked window in such a condition.

Araxwindows has a large experience in dealing with all kind of problems that occur with glass and windows. The service crack in window glass repair will bring back a nice look of your window, keep your house warm and dry as make it safe for you and your family.

What are the Ways to Fix Broken Window at Home?

What are the Ways to Fix Broken Window at Home

In this part of the article, we are going to provide you with instructions for fixing a broken window glass yourself. Read each step and choose the most convenient solutions that you can deal with.

  • Of course, there are such simple methods of repairing a crack in glass such as applying a piece of tape on the crack on both sides of the pane. This is a cheap and easy solution that will help to keep water away. You should do it immediately after you detected a crack. However, you should be very careful to not cut your fingers. Don’t try to press the tape to glass since it can crack even more and you can seriously injure yourself.
  • If there are several cracks and it seems like the whole pane can crack, the best decision would be to remove the glass entirely and cover the space until experienced technicians will replace the glass. For example, it’s recommended to cover the hole with plastic sheeting and staple it to the window frame so not water or wind can come through.
  • The third method of how to support the glass until a new one is delivered and installed is to fill the crack with a special adhesive that is also used for car windshield repair and use to seal the hole. It’s quite easy to use the adhesive but first, you need to clean the crack and make sure there is no dust inside the hole. Apply tape to the back side of the crack to not let the adhesive come out of the hole. Let it dry and remove the tape. This is another secure and affordable method but it doesn’t substitute replacing the glass.

In What Cases You Can Repair Window Glass Yourself?

There are effective recommendations that can be performed if you have a single-pane-glass in your house. Also, these tips are effective only if you detected small cracks. In case you found large cracks, the window should be replaced since it can crack, even more, fall down on the floor and injure people and animals. Every company that deals with broken glass window repair will suggest you replace the window that includes a specialist who will remove the old glass from the frame and replace it with a new thick and safe glass that matches the necessary measurements.
In What Cases You Can Repair Window Glass Yourself

Order Window Repair Service and Get Professionals Fix It

By ordering house windows repair, you can be sure that professionals will do the job safely and quickly. Fixing glass cracks is not that easy if you don’t have experience. Our workmen are fully trained and experienced in the effective glass fix. We aim to bring the most cost-efficient solution to our clients and leave them happy with results. If possible, we suggest a solution to fix the problem but not replace a window which costs much more money. Therefore, by calling our service and inviting our specialists, you will be provided with the best solution possible. If you are dealing with cracked glass, our technicians are available now to visit your place, investigate the problem and offer you a smart solution.

It’s recommended to get a fast estimate for a replacement and installation of new glass. Don’t try dealing with broken glass window yourself since you can damage the frame, the window sill or the floor if the glass falls and breaks. Call us today and get a quote on how much it may cost to fix your problem. We always have a team of technicians to visit your place and start working on the problem on the short notice.

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