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How to Properly Clean Laminate Floors?

How to Properly Clean Laminate Floors?

Cleaning laminate floors often is a good way to keep them looking great forever. But unlike hardwood floors, these floors need regular care, and there are certain things you should keep in mind while cleaning them. Else they may get damaged and invite pricey replacements. Here are some useful tips for cleaning laminate floors easily.

Tip 1: Read the cleaning instructions in the product manual.

Read the instruction manual that comes with your laminate floors to get an idea about cleaning this type of floor. It may sound trivial, but it will tell exactly what kind of cleaners to use and avoid in the first place.

Tip 2: Use a vacuum cleaner

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt, dust, and debris from the laminate floors. Set the laminate floor settings in the vacuum cleaner and gently start vacuuming the floor. For better results, use a robot vacuum cleaner; it is efficient than regular cleaners and keeps your floor shining like brand new!


Tip 3: Avoid using too much water

Moisture and laminate floors don’t go well together. So, avoid using too much water to clean the floors. The water can seep and cause bubbling, reducing the shine and quality of laminate floors. Excessive moisture can also cause fading and staining. So, avoid traditional mopping at all costs and go with a steam mop for laminate instead.

Tip 4: Make a DIY laminate floor cleaner

Don’t worry, you don’t need an expensive laminate floor for maintaining the shine. You can make a DIY cleaner quickly at home by mixing warm water and vinegar in a bowl. Now soak a microfiber cloth in the vinegar solution and gently wipe the laminate floors. Ensure you don’t overuse the DIY cleaner; it will make the floor look dull and mute overtime.

Tip 5: Do on-spot cleaning for stains

As we said earlier, water and other liquids don’t go well with laminate floors. So wipe up the recent stains immediately with a vinegar solution or any dish soap solution. Not doing so can cause critical damage to the precious floors in the long term. An even better way would be to avoid these spills in the first place, by being a little cautious with your drink.

Tip 6: Mop your laminate floors carefully

Mopping is essential to keep the floors fresh and shining. However, while cleaning the laminate floors, you must be a little careful. Use damp or microfiber fiber mops for cleaning the fiber; they are dry and do not let the water seep in and damage the floors. For better cleaning, avoid waxing or polishing the laminate floors.


Tip 7: Use cleaning products made especially for laminate floors

While shopping for floor cleaners, pick the ones that label made for laminate floors. Most cleaning products contain oil in ingredient that can leave residue on the laminate floors and, even worse, damage the protective sealant. Also, while using a laminate-friendly cleaner, use microfiber for cleaning the floor.

Protect Laminate Floors from Future Damage

After cleaning, it is important to take protective measures to avoid future damages and that come with pricey replacements. Here are some useful tips, that can help.

  • Use door mats at entrances to keep the dirt away in the first place. You can also hang a “shoes outside please” sign to protect your floors further.
  • Place protective floor pads on the drop of tables, sofas and chairs to increase the life of laminate floor.
  • Wipe up mess, liquid and water spills in the first place immediately, so the water doesn’t seem in the floor and cause damage.
  • Trim your pet’s nails, so it doesn’t end up scratching the floors.
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