How to Prevent, Detect and Stop Cannabis Mold

While growing your cannabis, there are some things you may choose to be less mindful about. Hence, this gets to affect the final produce of your hard work. They include mold, bugs, nutrient deficiencies, fertilized soil, increasing yields, plant training, and increasing THC among others. These are things you need to worry about as a cannabis grower. Not only will they affect the quality of your produce but also the quantity. No one wants to see good cannabis go to waste, especially when it’s going to be smoked used some of the finest dispensary supplies available. Thus, you need to be wary that your plants do not lack the essentials. Additionally, you need to know how to detect and prevent mold from appearing on your plants, places like an online dispensary might be able to help with any information you have about growing your turn cannabis at home, however it is important to know the law on cannabis such as how many plants you are allowed to grow. This article prepared by BestPot online dispensary seeks to discuss the means and methods on how to get rid of mold on weed.

Before you know how to detect, prevent and stop cannabis mold, you first need to know the various types of mold. There are different mold types which attack cannabis plants. They include bud rot, regular mold, and mildew. Secondly, you need to know what makes mold grow. This will help you get efficient prevention techniques you can use. Mold occurs at any point in the growth of a cannabis plant. However, there are times the plant may grow fully without having mold. Conversely, mold can attack the plant in the final two weeks before harvest and in the first few weeks after harvesting. It is unsafe to smoke moldy weed. Thus, you need to be cautious before they get to decimate or destroy all your plants. Below is some useful information you can use to learn how to prevent, detect and stop mold on cannabis plants.

What is mildew?

What is mildew

Mildew is the mold on buds while drying or a form of fungus or a disease which affects plants. It is a type of mold which wreaks havoc in pumpkins, tobacco, and potato plants. Additionally, it can destroy marijuana plants. There are different types of mildew; powdery mildew and downy mildew. Powdery mildew on buds after harvest remains on the surfaces of the plant whereas downy mildew grows inside the plant. Regardless, they are both perilous or dangerous to the plant.

Are there any risks

Are there any risks
Mildew can appear on your buds before harvesting or the initial weeks after harvesting. It contains a major hazard for cannabis plants. Mildew produces hyphal growth, that is, the fungi’s small branches, on the tissues of the cannabis plant. As a result, it gets to infect the leaves, fruits, and stem of the whole plant. Their behavior is similar to that of parasites. Hence, it can be difficult for one to know whether their plants are affected or not. Thus, you will have to wait a while till the external parts of the cannabis plant display signs of damage. Tactlessly, the damage caused by the mildew at this point may be substantial.

How to reveal mildew

How to reveal mildew
To detect mildew, you need to be cautious and wary of the signs and symptoms exhibited by the plant. You also need to know what does moldy weed look like. One of the main signs is the whitish or yellowish appearance on the surface of the leaves. There may also be some translucent spots. Additionally, if the humidity levels are higher, white powder may form on the underside surface of the leaf. However, you need to more cautious. This is because some growers may mistake it for powdery mildew. To distinguish downy mildew from powdery mildew, shake the leaf a little. You will be able to spot some discolored or stained parts.

You may be unable to identify the yellowish or whitish appearance and the translucent spots on the surface of the leaves. You may mistake it for another disease. This will allow the mildew to continue damaging your plants. When autumn comes, the translucent spots demarcated by the leaves’ veins will begin to change color from yellow to brown. Moreover, if the moisture levels are high, they may turn to white fluffs. The affected areas will wither and die later on. Thus, your plants may begin to shed leaves resulting in low produce and quality. The stems get to be shielded with brown spots which can cover the entire stele. Thus, when the infection becomes extreme, the affected part withers and dies.

What kind of environment do fungi like?

environment do fungi like
The microorganisms which produce mildew multiply or increase in particular environmental conditions. However, they can lie inactive until they advance and become active once more. Thus, in autumn and winter seasons, they usually remain dormant. In the spring season, mobilization occurs in the microorganisms. The dormant structures begin to germinate as humidity increases and the temperatures between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius. So, when temperatures increase in the area or room where you are growing your cannabis plants the growth of mildew increases. Additionally, elements which increase the presence of water such as rain or dew contribute to the development of mildew.

Dangerous factors

Dangerous factors
There may be some risk factors on the cannabis plants due to the factors which favor the growth of mildew. High temperatures, limited light, an abundance of litter, and poor ventilation make it easy for the cannabis plants to have mildew. The danger actually gets to increase if there is rain trailed by warm weather, fog, or if you irrigate. This is because these factors contribute to the germination of mildew. Thus, you need to be mindful of the ventilation and humidity levels.

Do min and get max

Do min and get max mildew
An abundance of litter contributes immensely to the infection. Hence, it is fundamental the plants and the growing area or room are clean at all times. This will help keep them healthy. Additionally, you need to ventilate the growing area. Maintaining an adequate temperature will guarantee you quality produce. Smoking moldy weed is not good for your health. Also, avoid watering your plants excessively. Moreover, for effectiveness, you can use fungicides.

Solutions to prevent infections

Solutions to prevent infections
You may fail to prevent an infection with the methods discussed above. Thus, you need to act very fast. Clear your growing area or room off plant detritus. Then, apply a fungicidal compound to prevent and exterminate the mildew.

In conclusion, there are some things cannabis growers are not careful about such as mold, nutrient deficiencies, and bugs. These get to affect the final yields. Thus, you need to act and be mindful of the whole growing process. You need to keep constant watch and ensure your plants are growing under the appropriate conditions. Moldy weed is not good for consumption. You may wonder what happens if you smoke moldy weed. It is not good for your health. Additionally, you will not get to enjoy the benefit of your hard work. Hence, you need to detect, prevent and stop cannabis mold before it destroys all your plants.

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