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How to Plan and Prepare For Your Bathroom Remodel

If you want more living space within your home, or you want to modernize tired rooms, the perfect solution is to perform the home remodeling. From smaller bathroom remodels to larger basement remodeling. Any home remodeling project will add value to your property and so the cost of your remodel is in fact an investment for the future. You may not be thinking of a large remodeling project, such as a house extension, maybe you just want to modernize a tired bathroom, or change the arrangement of the fixtures. Read on for information about how to prepare for a bathroom remodel.

The bathroom remodel you have spent months planning is just around the corner, how will you and your family manage without having access to the main bathroom whilst the remodel is done? Remodels are naturally difficult times: loud, noisy, dirty, and lack privacy. A remodel is inconvenient and will interfere with your routine. Read on for some tips to help you manage this sometimes stressful situation.

1. Get A Time Estimate – and Expect Delays

Make sure, before any work starts, to have a time frame from your remodeling contractor for remodeling completion. Whatever the time frame you have been given, we advise you to add to it for unexpected delays. These could include: material supply problems, permit delays, or just genuine unexpected problems. Planning in advance for the possible delays will allow you to have a more realistic timeframe.

2. Plan For No Bathroom Access For The Duration

The room that is being remodeled will be completely out of bounds for the duration of the remodel, so you need to plan ahead. If you don’t have another shower or bath, you will need to make other arrangements until the remodeling is finished. Perhaps you can shower at work, at the gym, or you have close family or friends nearby. Make sure you remove any personal belongings.

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3. How About A Little Vacation?

The process of bathroom remodeling will be very noisy, messy and disruptive. Whether it lasts for days or weeks it is a disruptive, tense experience. Combined with the inconvenience of not being able to use the bathroom and the lack of privacy the perfect solution is to remove yourself from the situation and take your family on vacation. Staying with nearby family or friends could also be a solution. as you would be close enough to pop in and check on progress.

4. Keep Up The Communication

An important thing is to stay in close contact with whoever is in charge of your bathroom remodel. Communication will enable the contractors to give you frequent updates regarding problems or progress that has been made. You will get realistic time-frame estimates as the project progresses.

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