How To Paint Your Living Room Quickly & Easily


Paint Your Living Room Quickly 1

So, you’ve been evaluating your living space and putting together a “honey-do” list for a while now. Of course, every time you turn around, another thing must be fixed or improved. But there’s one item on that list that you keep returning to, and it’s time to take care of it: painting your living room.

Maybe you’re bored with the current color scheme. Perhaps you want to add a fresh coat of paint before putting your house on the market. Or maybe you just realized that those walls had seen better days. Whatever your reasons, it’s time to take action and start painting your living room!

Follow this guide to paint a room in your home!

Pick The Right Colors

Paint Your Living Room Quickly 2

The color you choose for your living space can make or break the entire room. When picking out paint colors, it’s essential to consider the overall feel you want for the area. For example, opt for earth or jewel tones if you want a warm and inviting living room. With neutral tones, you can create a more modern look. If you’re unsure what color to pick, consider picking up color swatches at your local hardware store or use a paint visualizer tool online.

Prepping The Room

The key to a successful painting project is all in the prep work. Before you start painting, you’ll want to confirm whether you have oil-based or water-based paint on your walls. To test, apply a small amount of paint thinner to a cotton ball and wipe it across a small section of your wall. If the paint comes off easily, you have water-based paint. If not, you have oil-based paint.

If you have water-based paint, lightly sand the walls with fine-grit sandpaper to help the new paint adhere better. If you have oil-based paint, use a degreaser to remove any residue on the walls. Once you’ve prepped the walls, use a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris.

To protect belongings from paint splashes, move all furniture to the center of the room and cover it with a drop cloth. Use a drop cloth on the flooring, too! Next, remove all outlet covers and light switch plates. Finally, if you have holes in the walls, use painter’s putty to fill them before painting.

Painting The Room

Paint Your Living Room Quickly 1

Ensure you have all the needed brushes and supplies. Begin by cutting around the room’s edges with a paintbrush. Cut in about 2-3 inches from the edges, and then use a roller to fill in the rest of the wall. Again, work in small sections, and paint from top to bottom to avoid drips and streaks.

Once you’ve finished painting, allow the paint to dry completely before moving furniture back into place and reattaching outlet covers and light switch plates.

With these tips, painting your living room will be a breeze! Just take your time, prep the room correctly, and choose the right colors, and you’ll have a beautiful space in no time.

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