How Much Does Garage Door Insulation Really Help?


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Like most homeowners, you’re always interested in ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. And if you have an attached garage, you might have additional concerns about heat loss and drafts in that space and be seeking ways to combat those issues.

Sure, replacing your garage door with a more energy-efficient model is always possible. But if the timing isn’t right for a steep investment, there are other ways to make your garage door more energy efficient. One option is to install insulation.

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What Is Garage Door Insulation?

Garage door insulation comes in easy-to-install kits. These kits include insulation panels that adhere to the garage door panels. Materials commonly used in garage door insulation include fiberglass, cell foam, and polystyrene.

For homeowners who use their garage as a workspace or workshop, garage door insulation can help reduce noise and keep the space more comfortable.

Does Garage Door Insulation Work?

The answer to this question can be a bit complicated. First, it depends on your garage door type and how well-sealed and insulated your garage is already.

Insulation will undoubtedly make a difference in energy efficiency for garage doors without insulation. Instead of allowing treated air to seep through the door, insulation helps stop this from occurring.

For maximum efficiency, apply weatherstripping around the door’s perimeter to help seal any gaps. This attention to detail will further reduce heat loss and make your garage more comfortable year-round.

Dampen Noise Levels

Whether your garage plays second home to a workshop, repair area, or the stage for your favorite aspiring garage band, insulation can help muffle noise. This benefit is especially advantageous if your garage is attached to your home and you don’t want the commotion spilling into the living quarters.

There are two types of sound: impact noise and airborne noise. Airborne noise, such as voices and music, is transmitted through the air and can be dampened with insulation. 

Impact noise, such as footsteps or tools dropping, is transmitted through solid surfaces and is not as effectively reduced by insulation. However, adding a layer of insulation will help minimize the overall noise level in your garage.

Maintain A Comfortable Temperature

If anyone in the household spends time working in the garage or entertaining guests, a comfortable temperature makes this time together more enjoyable. 

Properly insulating your garage door can help maintain a consistent temperature inside, no matter what the weather is like outside.

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Is Professional Installation Worth the Investment?

Suppose you are not comfortable with this type of project. Or you’re not the handy type or looking for a hassle-free installation option. If so, opting for professional installation streamlines your project. Many garage door companies offer these services, and pricing is competitive enough to make it worth your while in most cases.

And getting your garage door insulation installed means you can rest assured the job gets completed correctly. After installation, you can enjoy a quieter, more comfortable garage space that more easily meets your lifestyle needs.

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