How To Make Your Small Bathroom Look BIGGER



Nothing beats a warm shower in a spacious and functional bathroom.

Back to reality, there’s that small bathroom in your house standing nowhere close to the picture in your mind.

Try these tips and in no time, turn it into the kind of bathroom you’ve always wished for.

Nah! You wouldn’t need a magic spell to do this.

1.All-White Is Always In Style

White is a classic color to use for a bathroom. It is crisp, modern, and gives a touch of freshness.

In our context, white reflects all visible wavelengths of light and thus, makes the powder room look bigger.

Choose any one from over 400 shades of white and fill your bathroom with it.

2. Believe In The Mirror-cle

The mirror on the wall can do a miracle to a tiny bathroom. But you shouldn’t stick to scale and proportion.

Remember how we chose white to ensure maximum reflection? Apply the same formula and install a big frameless mirror to the wall or get the whole wall mirrored. It can be costly but is worth every penny. It completely changes the look of your bathroom creating a perfect illusion.

Small Bathroom Look BIGGER

3. Let The Natural Light In

How do highly reflective surfaces work if there’s no light?

Plus, a dark room looks more confined than a bright one. Use clear or translucent glass windows to increase the light’s flow into the bathroom.

Don’t forget to clean the windows with detergent and warm water periodically.

4. Bright Lights And Bright Vibes

Sometimes, natural light may not be sufficient, and getting new windows is not really easy.

Use bright and clear lights in layers to make up for it and to enhance the overall ambiance of the bathroom.

Light up the edges of the large mirror with small LED lights. On a side note, your reflection in the mirror looks better too.

5. Bath And Shower At One Place

Is the bathroom too small and gives ample space neither for the bath nor the shower?

Combine them both by installing the showerhead in your bathing space. You can take a shower right where your favorite type of bathtub is.

This will give double the area compared to the separate spots allotted to each before. The bathroom will look practical with enough room for everything.

Glass walk-in shower in a bathroom of new luxury home

6. Monotone Doesn’t Equal Dullness

If you haven’t found the idea of sticking to all-white stylish enough and want to go for a color, this tip is for you.

Using different shades in a room can make it look colorful, but the place gets divided and looks congested. Painting the room in a single color will help you in making it appear bigger.

To avoid the single shade from making your powder room look gloomy, use cheerful shades like purple or teal. Matching the color of the walls with the floor color is much better.

7. No Mess With Plain-Colored Tiles

Can’t use the same color for walls and tiles?

The first rule for tiles is to choose a plain color. Another rule is to have as few divisions as possible.

Use large and plain tiles to make the place look roomy. Creamy white or pale grey are our recommendations for the tile color.

8. Minimalism Is The Key

As the bathroom is already small, don’t flood it with unnecessary furniture only to make it cluttered.

Install a small storage unit. If all of your bathing products don’t fit in it, store them in another place.

Wall niche is another cool design idea, but don’t overdo it. Use the same tile as the walls for the niche and in-built storages.

The key is to put as few things as possible on display to make the room look bigger.

Start remodeling your bathroom step-by-step and customize your bathroom into a personal spa.

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