How to Make Your First Apartment Feel Like a Home


A modern exterior garden on an apartment building.

It’s no secret that the housing market is crazy right now! More than ever, it has become extremely difficult for working people to afford their dream home. In a seller’s market like this, it’s no wonder that people are turning to apartments. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about your apartment not feeling like a home, because we’ve curated a list of five personalized ways to decorate your apartment.

1.  House Plants

If you’ve been online lately, you know that house plants are very popular. There are tons of communities dedicated to caring for, growing, and talking about house plants. When you look at the way a plant changes the atmosphere of your living space, it becomes no wonder that these communities exist.

Adding green to your space can have a very calming, grounding effect as well as a splash of color! Tall plants are apt for framing a doorway or drawing the eyes towards a nearby picture. Short plants liven up tabletops, windowsills, and shelves.

House plants are a sure way to spruce up your living space, and there’s no short of resources available about which ones to choose. 

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2.  Wall Art

Wall art is very powerful in transforming a living space. You can use it for a bold statement or a subtle effect. Either way, wall pictures are the way to go for adding a personal touch to an apartment.

One option to brighten your space is to add a funky painting from your favorite artist to electrify the room. You can get a few posters or paintings of matching colors and hang them side by side for an eye-catching display that ties the room together. No matter your interests, there is sure to be wall art that matches.

3.  Throw Blankets

There’s nothing like adding some fluffy blankets to make your place feel a little bit homier! You get to choose the color, texture, and size of the blankets to add to your apartment.

The comfort and warmth of a throw blanket make it easier for guests to relax when they visit. Not to mention, tossing a blanket on the back of a couch is a simple but effective trick used by many interior designers when making a house feel cozy.


4.  Same Color Mismatched Mugs

Picture this: it’s morning and you go to your new apartment kitchen to make a warm cup of coffee or tea. You open up your cabinet to grab a mug and are faced with a motley of disorganized mugs. Not exactly relaxing, right?

One way to make your first apartment feel more connected is to have a set of mugs that are the same color but of different shapes and sizes. You get the home-like feeling of mismatched mugs with the serenity of cohesive colors. 

5.  Wax Melter

People often think of the visual aspects first when it comes to decorating homes. What they don’t usually consider is how the home smells. You should consider all five senses when decorating, which is why we recommend adding a wax melter. Choose some fresh, light scents for relaxation and warm, sweet scents for comfort. What says “home” more than the scent of fresh-baked cookies? 

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