How to Make Working Out at Home Less Like a Chore

If you’re not into the habit of working out at home yet, it can seem like a huge task just to get started. After all, there’s so much more you could be doing- getting that housework done you’ve been putting off, cooking a nice meal, shopping, or even just having a good old nap.

We all have our days where the motivation simply isn’t there to get up and moving – it can seem almost impossible at times. I for one am forever planning workouts, meals and walks to then suddenly find it really hard to get out of the house when the time comes.

However, I’m now working really hard to try and get myself into the gym more. It’s not easy, but once you’ve developed a routine, it’s pretty straight-forward to stick to.

Admittedly though, there are a few handy tips I have picked up along my fitness journey that really help to get me up, out and moving.

Here are 6 ways to make working out less of a chore.

Buy a pedometer

One thing that I’m pretty sure I’ll forever wear on my wrist is a pedometer. Not only is mine great for pushing me to get my 10,000 steps each day, but it also shows me data to indicate how well my gym workouts are going.
Buy a pedometer

By checking how many calories I’m burning and looking at my heart rate, I’m automatically pushed into working out more and finding new ways to push my body to a whole new level. Plus, once you’ve seen your first week in statistics, trying to beat them gets really addictive. Every week I aim for an extra 500 average steps, a better heart rate, and more sleep. This way, even if I’m not seeing results in the mirror, I know I’m heading in the right direction towards a healthier and happier me.

This site reviews a great selection of wearables for you to browse and choose from.

Drink protein coffee

One of the main excuses I often pull out for not making it to the gym is that I am simply too tired. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or after work, I always make the reasoning fit! However, now that I’m regularly drinking protein coffee, I have absolutely no excuse for not getting a good workout in.

Because I have little time to waste making my own, I use a great set of blends by Complete Nutrition. These smooth, delicious drinks are great no matter the time of day for giving me a boost that is low in calories and easy to make.

I typically enjoy mine as a mid-afternoon snack to fill me up and keep me going until I hit the gym after work.

Watch your vitamin intake

Multivitamins are a great way to keep your body full of everything it needs. Whether you take them in tablet, capsule, or powder form, I highly recommend them for a good daily health boost. I will admit that I’m not great for getting my fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, especially after a long and busy day when you just want to hit up frozen food.
Watch your vitamin intake
It’s more important these days than any other that I take my multivitamins. As well as acting as a ‘nutrition insurance policy’ for the body, they also improve my quality of sleep and reduce the risk of developing serious diseases.

Many nutritionists even go as far as to believe that getting nutrients from your food is simply not enough.

This is why Healthcare Weekly states that multivitamins are there to specifically help adults get enough nutrients to maintain health.

They don’t have to be expensive, either – I probably spend around $80 in January that will last me for the rest of the year.

This will make you feel so much better in your skin and ready to smash your workouts.

Choose a workout buddy

I always find that exercising with a friend is a great way to make a boring, long and hard workout into the most enjoyable part of the day.

Choosing someone who is as motivated as you to workout is the best, as you can hold each other accountable and push each other through workouts.

Plus, having a good chat whilst pushing out reps is the best way to distract yourself from what is actually going on. The likelihood is that you will work out for longer, take more time stretching, and push yourself harder.

I love catching up with my workout buddy at the gym as it’s so much more fun than popping in my headphones and ignoring the world! Working out with a friend is ten times more enjoyable, making you ten times more likely to fit more exercise into the week.

Pick great gym gear

If you look good, you’ll feel good too. In 2019 there’s a whole host of fitness clothing brands out there selling clothing designed to fit and look great on all body types.
Pick great gym gear
I love treating myself to a new pair of workout leggings as I automatically want to try them out in the gym.

I love shopping and I love the endorphins from exercise, so this for me is the perfect way to join the two together!

New workout clothes make you feel much more motivated to workout.

Also, as we all live such busy lives, working out three times a week can cause serious disruption to your washing schedule. By having more gym outfits to choose from, I can never use the excuse that I have nothing to wear!

Choose an exercise you enjoy

If the gym isn’t your thing, my recommendation would be to not go. Instead, find workouts that you enjoy. Many of my friends hate the gym, but absolutely love going to the park for a run, or joining sports clubs to play basketball or tennis.

How you workout doesn’t matter, as long as you’re getting out and getting your heart rate up. No matter what workout you decide is best for you, you will see results proving you’re consistent and always put the effort in.

Choosing a workout you enjoy can be hard, but you get to try out many different things in the process!

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