How To Make Any House More Energy Efficient



We are lucky to live in an era of great technological achievements that is dominated by innovations. Smart technologies, useful apps, and transportation efficiencies are making our lives much easier and more efficient. So, with the whole scope of this amazing innovation, there is a question of why people do not live greener. It is a fact that if any of us made small eco-friendly changes, we would have a serious impact on the Earth and increase our savings because of more energy-efficient living and lower bills. So, to help you make more eco-friendly choices, we have prepared a shortlist of tips that will help you to make your house more energy efficient. 

Install Solar Panels 

Even though this is considered a high-end home change, it will pay itself off through much lower energy bills. Even though solar panels are not exactly cheap, they are becoming increasingly popular and widely spread due to their ability to generate electricity and heat water. This is why we can conclude that solar panels indeed have a lot of benefits. These help you save more money than you would normally pay for energy bills and will pay for themselves in the long run. They also promote lower fossil fuel usage and will probably help you qualify for the annual tax incentives. Some of the major solar panel brands suggest that investment in solar panels will help you stay safe from future electricity rate increases and will enable you to keep your maintenance costs to a minimum. Normally, these are installed on the roof and will considerably cut your electricity costs since they generate energy independently from your utility company. 

Attic Insulation 

One more big-ticket energy-efficient idea that will pay for itself in the long run just like the solar panels. Adding insulation to your attic will help you protect your home from air leaks and will help you reduce your heating and cooling costs. The amount of needed insulation material mainly depends on the size of your home and the climate of the region. Attic insulation will help you reduce energy costs and protect your roof from damage as well. 

Lower the Thermostat 

One of the best habits you can adopt in order to reduce your energy costs is to lower the thermostat temperature whenever you are away from home. Dropping your home temperature by just three to five degrees can reduce your electricity bill and use less energy. According to some research, lowering the temperature of your thermostat from 10 to 15 degrees during the work day will save 5% to 10% of energy every year. 


Seal All Windows 

If you want to ensure that your heat does not leak through cracks in the windows, then you should go the extra mile and seal all the leaks in your home. If you have noticed those windows, add weatherstripping around your windows. One way of stopping air leaking through cracks is to seal them with thin bits of silicon or apply a sheet of shrink film to all of your windows. Sealing gaps and cracks is an easy and inexpensive way to lower your utility costs. 

Limit the Use of Space Heater 

Even though it is nice to feel your feet warm and toasty during the cool winter season, space heaters are huge energy consumers and are not really an efficient way to heat your home. Many space heaters use over 1,500 watts of energy to function and are considered a costly way to heat your space and drain your energy bill. So, when buying space heaters, make sure you get the ones with energy-efficient labels. Also, dressing in slightly warmer clothes instead of cracking your thermostat will help you save a couple of bucks at the end of the month. 

Unplug All the Chargers 

Cell phones, laptops, and other chargers that stay plugged in for quite some time are often referred to as energy vampires. According to some research, the average charger may consume 0.26 watts of energy when not in use and 2.24 watts when it is connected to your phone. One plugged charger will not make a huge difference in your energy bill, but a couple of plugged chargers are responsible for almost 10% of your energy bill. So, it is high time to unplug your chargers when not in use. 

Energy consumption is considered to be among the greatest problems nowadays and a serious wallet drainer. So, implementing a couple of good habits and putting some discipline into energy use can help you reduce the cost of living and increase your savings.

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