How to Maintain Your Backyard in Desert Temperatures


Maintain Your Backyard

Hot temperatures can easily be the death of the plants in your backyard; however, this should not be the case. If you live in places with high temperatures, it is possible to have a beautiful yard. How? Here are pointers on how you can maintain your home backyard:

1) Use Faux Grass

Use Faux Grass
If you want that lawn-look in your backyard, artificial grass will work well. The good thing about this type of grass is that it only requires little maintenance to avoid it looking ratty. You do not need to cut the grass and water it for it to grow. All you need to do is brush the artificial grass more frequently. Additionally, rinse it with some water once in a while for it to stay in good condition.

There are different types of fake grass? Well, for the best artificial grass, here is a guide that you can use. In this guide, you will get different varieties of fake grass, price, pros, and cons of each type. You will also learn how you can lay artificial grass by yourself as well as things that you should look at when buying this grass.

2) Use Mulch

When temperatures are too high, consider using a good layer of mulch to prevent soil from overheating and losing water through evaporation. Mulching protects the small roots that your plants use to feed on the soil. It will also help maintain healthy soil ecology with decomposers that improve soil nutrients and oxygen in the soil.

Lastly, mulching will help the soil help to maintain its consistent moisture; therefore, you will have to water your plants less. Nevertheless, it is essential to use at least 4 inches depth of mulch and maintain the depth for you to enjoy the above benefits.

3) Know When to Water

Know When to Water
The best moment to water your backyard plants is in the morning. Why? Because it allows the soil to absorb the water effectively, but when you water at midday, the sun will cause evaporation. It also allows your plants to go through photosynthesis.

Watering during the night is not useful since the plants will need sunshine so that photosynthesis can take place. When you water at night, you also create a damp environment, and lawn disease can set in. In the morning, there is usually calmer wind and cool air that gives the soil ample time to soak up the water, thus keeping your lawn hydrated for the whole day.

4) Remove Weeds

Ensure that you entirely uproot any weed from your lawn. Why? This is because weeds compete with your plants for the little water available and nutrients from the soil. Hence, making your plants look weak. Many tools can be used to remove weeds, such as hoes. You can also use herbicides if your yard is overwhelmed with unwanted plants.

A well-maintained backyard makes a home stand out, especially during hot seasons. To maintain your backyard, follow these simple ways, and you will be amazed by the results.

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