6 Useful Ways to Fix Your Clogged Drain


Fix Your Clogged Drain

The smelly clogged drains are caused due to various reasons, some of which include oil, fat, grease, dust, and hair. The bathroom and kitchen are the two most common places that face this problem. Home remedies and chemical products can be used to get rid of these blocked drains.

Plumbers usually have the best and quick solution for unclogging the stubborn drains. It is essential to personally know the hacks for getting rid of these unwanted home problems. If you are on a tight budget or do not have enough time, you can try these hacks. Learning these home rescue hacks can save you from many inconveniences.

Here are six useful ways that can help you fix your clogged drain.

1. Boiling Water Technique

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The hot water tap can be left open in the sink of the clogged pipe. This method needs lots of hot water, and you can consider this only if you have installed a boiler. Leave the tap water slow and keep an eye on it to avoid overflow. The steam and pressure of the hot water push the clog downwards and clear the pipe. It is a time taking method, and if you are in a hurry, then professional services of pipe relining in Sydney are considered a good option too. They will save your time and water from being wasted.

2. Use Baking Soda

It is considered to be the fastest and effective way to unclogging a drain. Before sprinkling baking soda into the pipe, you need to pour boiling water along with dishwasher soap or detergent. Once the hot water seeps through the clog and warms it, you can put the baking soda into the drain. The soap and warm water help to loosen the tight greasy spots inside the pipe.

After using baking soda, decant about one cup vinegar into the drain, these two substances will react to break the dust, hair, and other particles inside the pipe. Let it all rest for at least ten minutes before flushing it out with another cup of hot water. Baking soda, vinegar, dishwasher liquid, and boiling water are readily available items. It is a very cost-effective way of unclogging the drain.

3. Use A Wire

When the dirt and oil mix up with hair in the drain, cleaning it becomes a challenge. To get rid of the hair blockage, you can use a thin wire. Bend the wire a little, and this will enable you to catch the hair inside the drain. If you can not find a wire, you can use a wire hanger instead. Once the hair is out of the way, you can pour hot water and some washing liquid into the drain to make it even cleaner.

4. Use Suction Technique

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Applying the pressure from the vacuum is very handy when it comes to clearing the drain. The suction technique pulls out the dirt from the drain by breaking the tight grip of the particles from the duct. Both wet and dry vacuum is equally practical when it comes to cleaning the waste. You can always check what works well for you.

5. Unscrew the Drain Pipe

If you try a few hacks and nothing works, you can unscrew the small bolt that is found on the sink. Once the screw if off, you can wash the drainpipe by using a long stick or any lengthy object. Wrap the stick with a little cloth; this will make the cleaning easy. Make sure the stick is strong enough to force out the dirt from the other side of the pipe. Add boiling water from one side and cover the other end, then try moving the stick in the drain pipe. Clean the outer part as well before fixing the tube to the sink.

6. Use A Plunger

The plunger is used to create a vacuum on the drainpipe by using manual force. You can place the plunger on the sinkhole and force it several times downwards. The push creates a force, and when you lift the plunger, the force travels downwards to clean the drain pipe. This method is very useful when you are using a double sink.

The Final Word

Bathroom and kitchen sinks can get clogged when you expect it the least. However, some common home hacks can help you clear the clog yourself. Baking soda, vinegar along with hot boiling water react together to loosen the stubborn dirt bond. You can also use a wire hanger to pull the hair and dirt out of your clogged drain. Vacuum builds pressure on the dirt particles and pulls them out. Once the dirt is out, you can clean your pipe by pouring hot water and a washing liquid into the drain. The best way to avoid a clogged drain is to timely clean it. This practice would not allow the hair, oil, and dirt particles to settle in the pipe.

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