How to Maintain Mattress to Last Longer


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maintain mattress to last longer

Prevention is better than cure. It is far better to maintain your mattress and prevent it from getting damaged than to spend heavily to buy another one. Like we all know, adequate sleep is important for sound wellbeing and improved mental health. 

However, we cannot underscore the role of a good mattress in having sound sleep. If the foundation is shaky, it becomes difficult for the house to stand well. That said, a little dose of maintenance can ensure that your mattress lasts for a very long time.

If you don’t know, a good mattress is designed to last between seven (7) to ten (10) years. And if you have been using mattresses that didn’t always last beyond two to three years, then you have been using your mattress the wrong way. And it is now time to inculcate good maintenance habits for your mattress. 

This article will talk about various tips for maintaining your mattress to make it last longer;

Ensure that your mattress is supported properly

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While it is not that necessary to buy a box spring or foundation with your new mattress, however, it is still important that your mattress has the necessary support. Having the right support helps ensure that the integrity of the materials of design is preserved. Confirm from the makers of your mattress or check the warranty policy for necessary recommendations and support materials. Box springs always work better with spring mattresses, while memory foam mattresses and other specialty mattresses will normally need firm, solid support.

Mattresses that use a frame have to be designed to support the weight of the mattress itself and the sleepers (especially heavy sleepers) and queen and king beds, particularly, ought to have center support bars. Platform beds that have wide slats may require extra support depending on the type of mattress and weight.

It is a brilliant idea to always check on your mattress’s support every year or even less to be sure that there are no broken springs or slats.

Wash your bed linens regularly

When you are on your bed, you shed oils, skin cells, sweat, and hair. Eating in bed will equally leave crumbs behind, and pets can trace these crumbs to your bed, thereby urinating and probably defecating on the bed while eating the crumbs you left. 

It is only decent that you wash your blankets and bedsheets every week, or at most every two weeks as advised by most cleaning professionals. Although some people use mattress protectors, itis still advisable that you keep bed linen clean and tidy. You should also wash the mattress cover as often as you can. However, some mattresses come sanitized from the point of purchase. For example, mattress store Miami FL does ensure that they sanitize mattresses before they sell them to customers. This is to get rid of allergens and other unwanted germs. 

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Use a mattress protector from the beginning

One very sure way of maintaining your mattress and making it last longer is to use a mattress protector. When you get yourself a good and high-quality mattress protector, you are guaranteed waterproof security to guard against accidental spills. Mattress protectors also decrease the amount of dust, dirt, and debris that accumulate on your bed. This will help to protect the materials used to make your bed and keep them away from getting spoilt, keep sweat and skin oils off your bed and limit the accumulation of allergens like dust mites and mold. A good mattress protector also makes cleaning your bed become effortless since there are no accumulations of dirt and unwanted materials on your bed.

Endeavor rotating the mattress as often as you can

Mattresses benefit a lot from being rotated often, no matter the size or material of design of the mattress. While some mattress makers believe that rotating your mattress is not that necessary, not rotating your mattress even makes the mattress more prone to softening and depression. 

Try to rotate your mattress to about 180 degrees every three to six months from head to toe. Rotating your mattress is especially important when you start using the mattress for the first time, and that is between the first two years of usage.

Buy a separate bed for your pets to play on

You will agree that pets often dirty the bed if you allow them. It is much better to buy a separate bed for your cats or dogs. This is because pets shed hairs and drool just like humans, and all that accumulate on your bed. Pets can also start playing around on your bed which, sometimes, causes accidental tearing and wearing of your bed. 


Maintaining your mattress to make it last longer is not as difficult as you think it is. A little care here and there goes a long way to ensure that your mattress gets the kind of care that is adequate to make it last longer and serve you better.

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