Five Reasons Real Estate Agents Have High Career Satisfaction


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Real estate agents have consistently reported high job satisfaction when surveyed. This high level of happiness has remained consistent across various surveys and opinion polls conducted over the last decade. This is certainly exciting news for those of you who are either already working or are considering joining the real estate industry.

Across the country, when people in different jobs were surveyed, on average, 68% of real estate agents said that they were satisfied with their job. This is clearly higher than the statistics of 51% of people of all occupations and careers combined who reported being happy with their jobs. So we decided to dig in and find the reasons why being a real estate agent led to better job satisfaction.

Why Real Estate Professionals Report Higher Job Satisfaction

For this article, we spoke to a varied group of young new real estate agents and real estate professionals who have been part of this business for decades. Our goal was to figure out what are those key aspects that attract an individual to this profession and also help them gain satisfaction from it.

Job Of A Real Estate Agent Is Helping People

The first and most common reason that we heard from our pool of real estate agents was that their job is all about helping people achieve one of life’s major milestones. Every agent remembered that rush of happiness they felt when they closed their first deal.

Real Estate Agents Have A Flexible Schedule

The second common reason we heard was about flexibility. We all are aware that a real estate agent has more flexibility compared to other professions which follow a strict 9-5 routine. However, we wanted to know exactly how it actually benefits the agent. This is what we found.

Real Estate Agents Have Better Work And Family Life Balance

With a flexible work schedule, agents were able to devote more time to their families. They did not have to miss important family events. This opportunity to balance their working hours actually led to better focus on the job and also a higher rate of happiness.

Focus On Getting A Degree Or Improving Their Skills

Many youngsters said choosing their work hours meant that they could go to school and get better education while working in a professional capacity. It also allowed many to work on enhancing their career skills by undergoing training courses and attending seminars.

Enhance Their Real Estate Business

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The flexibility in work timings meant that a real estate agent could devote adequate time to working on enhancing their business and identifying opportunities that would help them get more clients. They even had the time to work on properties thought to be difficult to sell.

A Real Estate Agent Has Higher Income Potential

A real estate career is probably one of those few jobs where a real estate agent has complete control over the income he earns. The more transactions he closes, the higher he earns. This was also a field where workers reported getting good pay even at a time when the market was going through fluctuations. Yet the surprising aspect was not just more earning capacity.

Reduced Gender Income Gap

Both men and women earned on average equal income as real estate agents. This gender parity in earnings could be the reason we have many women in this field. For women across the country, a pay balance between genders was one of the important job satisfaction criteria when it came to their careers.

More Income With More Experience

It was also reported by many agents that their experience and ability to close transactions were highly valued by each client. A profession where a long experience does not mean that you are outdated, and you can actually get higher pay, was the reason for many agents’ happiness.

Real Estate Agents Are Their Own Boss

A reason across gender and age groups was that of being your own boss. With very few careers offering this degree of independence, we were not surprised at this. Yet, we wanted to know how exactly working without a boss made the real estate agents happier than other professionals.

Freedom To Make Real Estate Business Decisions

The best aspect of this was that they could make decisions independently. Most brokerage houses allowed their agents to work freely. They had the free hand to handle their marketing, expenditure of resources, and their financial account.

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Opportunities To Choose Real Estate Clients

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A huge benefit of an unconventional work system is that a real estate agent can decide the clients he wants to work with. A better fit with the customers and a choice in the kind of properties they choose to deal with could easily translate into more sales, resulting in a higher take-home salary/commission.

Real Estate Career Growth Is Excellent

There are multiple careers a license-holding real estate professional can pursue. This industry has many lateral careers for those who want to earn a higher salary or for those who wish to do more than selling. This was why, on average, agents reported that they were happy with their jobs. If you have no idea on how to get and what you need to get real estate license then you go for Approved course.

Real Estate Professionals Have Better Work Environment

Unlike workers in a traditional office environment, real estate agents have a better experience when working at a brokerage. This industry offers an ever-changing work environment. No two days or no two clients are alike. Those who thrive on this kind of sales-oriented atmosphere are happy.


Real estate agents who are satisfied with their jobs also reported having more successful real estate endeavors. It seems to be a case where their satisfaction with their job made them perform better. And their better on-job performance and hard work brought them better money and a closer to their achieving their career goals.

If you are someone who values the above-mentioned benefits in a career, then maybe you should consider getting started on a real estate career. Becoming real estate professionals seems to tick all the boxes of an ideal job.

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