How to light up an home office space

During these distressing times, more and more people have started working from home. Whether your job was smart since the beginning or the pandemic has changed your habits, you probably had to create a safe space where focus and attention are key. In a specific room of the house or in different places based on family habits, your home office needs to be lightened up and battery operated lamps can help. 

Weightless and wireless, these design pieces help you create the perfect atmosphere for working, reading or writing anywhere at any time. Learn how to choose them and improve your working space with little effort, even when you work from a vacation spot.

Style and function merged together

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The perfect wireless lamp is little, easy-to-carry and powerful at the same time. If yours is a traveling home office, you’ll need to quickly light up each corner of your home in a heartbeat. Changing position from the living room to the bedroom to an actual study, a battery lamp will follow you everywhere. 

You also need a familiar, relaxing and cozy atmosphere, though. Shape, color, fabric and material will help you create a personalized space and find your own corner everywhere you are. Choose your favourite color or a shape that gives you happy and joyful vibes to start the working day with the right energy. Or else, try a calming and familiar beam of light to hug you during the most stressing working hours. 

The battery lamp also needs to be powerful in order to follow your long hours of work without failing you. Choose a led light bulb to give you maximum light and minimum energy waste. A good re-charging system is also important to give you freedom and space. A USB-charged lamp could be the best choice, because you can charge it while working on your laptop. 

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Where to put your working lamp?

Capitalize on natural light whenever possible. Choosing morning and early afternoon as your favourite working hours will help use as little artificial light as possible. However, if time zones, family habits or vacations force you to work at night, the right table lamp will be your best friend. 

Choose a lightweight and small-sized lamp in order to occupy as little space as possible on your desk. Then try to find a powerful bulb to illuminate complete darkness, even if you work outdoors under the stars, or spouses and children are sleeping. The perfect battery operated lamp will give you a direct, bright light beam to illuminate your work desk and nothing more. 

Where possible, position your lamp behind your back, thus giving full brightness to your worksheets and books. If you are working on a laptop, choose a cold light and arrange its position so that it won’t create annoying reflections on the screen. Be careful with the light temperature and intensity too: a dimmable led lamp could solve a lot of problems, providing perfect light in any possible condition

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