How to Keep Your Windows Clean and Shiny

Windows in a house are to provide warmth, cool breeze and let natural light in the area. This helps in saving electricity, and natural air gives a home calm and peaceful effect.

Windows are also a way of ventilation and ventilation is necessary as, without it, the house becomes a place with hot, steamy germs. Opening windows let this damp air out and help in the reduction of condensation in a house. Having no windows can also lead to a lot of health problems as our body needs to breathe in the fresh air and also needs sunlight.

Windows come in all shapes and sizes and depending upon the construction of the building it adds to the overall look of the building. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city on upper floors adds up to the cost of the apartments. Windows do not necessarily have to have glass in them; although, a glass window is an ancient style and prevalent in most of the buildings. Some people prefer having a similar kind of windows in all rooms, while some like to have a variety of them in different places. In offices and malls, the trend is to have large glass double hang windows.

It is not only windows that add to the decoration of the house, but the curtains that are on those windows are also a great addition in terms of the aesthetic of a place. Blinds are another replacement for curtains and are commonly seen in houses and offices. Markets are full of a variety of blinds; however, roller blinds are the most widely used blinds. They are convenient to handle and are durable too. Roller blinds give the illusion of space and provide a spacious feeling to a compact room.

The glass on windows is exposed to the environment, and dust particles and pollution dirty it now and then. No matter how fancy a window is if there are spots, dust and smoke particles on it, it appears stingy and filthy. It is not a piece of cake to keep windows spotless. It requires effort and consistency. Below are listed some of the window cleaning tips.


Once the newspaper is read, it becomes a piece of paper that usually goes into the trash. It is recommended to roll a newspaper in a ball and then use it to clean windows. You will be surprised to see that it gives them better results than cleaning with towels. A much better way is to spray a window cleaner on newspaper and then clean windows with it.


Kitchen has a lot of cleaning hacks that come handy when one is out of readymade cleaning solutions. This trick is an ancient one and like a folktale has been passed on from generation to generation. Vinegar does not only clear off the dust and smoke particles but also gives windows shine, and it appears brighter than before.

Clean from Top to Bottom

A pervasive way of cleaning windows is to wipe the dust or dirt off. People generally do not clean the whole window and think that by just cleaning the dirt away will do the job. This is not true as sometimes it gives the opposite result. Wiping off a part of the window leaves some stains on the glass that may appear only when light falls on them. Whenever one plans to clean the window, he should make sure to clean it whole, from top to bottom and left to right. A better way is to begin from the top so that if cleaning solution drips the drops fall on the glass. It will give the window glass sparkle.

Wash Windows on a Cloudy Day

People think that washing windows on cloudy days may become a hassle, and would leave some stains on windows. However, the experiments suggest opposite as the results showed the windows shinier and dirt-free. On cloudy days the sun does not dry up the water from windows quickly, and the cleaning solution remains until you wipe it off. When it stays longer on the glass, it provides a sparkling shine to it.

Coffee Filters

A coffee filter is made of disposable paper and collects the coffee grounds in them while letting the liquid flow. Placing a few coffee filters in water and using it as a cleaning spray does the job smoothly and perfectly. Since coffee filters are lint-free, they clean the window and windows appear glossier.

Use Cotton Swabs

Use Cotton Swabs
Cleaning windows does not only mean to clean the glass, but it also includes the nooks and corners of them. It is not easy to clean the edges thoroughly using a towel, paper, tissue paper or newspaper. A cotton swab, however, can clean all the corners thoroughly.

A Microfiber Cloth

The advantage of using a microfiber cloth is that it is reusable as unlike newspaper or papers, a piece of cloth is washable. It has an amazing quality of absorbing liquid and leave the glass shinier than ever. Use of microfiber does not leave streaks on glass and hence give it a new polished look.


If you are out of glass cleaning solution detergent can be an excellent replacement to it. You will have to make a solution by mixing two spoons of detergent with water and then spraying it on windows. A liquid detergent will also do the job. All you have to do is to have five to six drops on glass and then clean it with paper, cloth or towel.

Jeweller’s Rouge

Scratches on windows are difficult to clean and make windows appear dirty. Removal of these scratches is easy with the help of jeweller’s rouge. You need to wet the rouge and then rub it on the window. The scratches will not go away in one of two wipes, and they might need a little hard work there. Rubbing vigorously wet rouge on window glass will vanish the scratches and leave windows sparkling clean.


Squeegee is designed to clean glass surfaces, and it is a fantastic tool to clean the windows effortlessly. With the squeegee, it is convenient to clean windows from top to bottom, and with it, one wipe is usually enough o wipe away spots, scratches, dirt or dirt particles from the glass surface. A long handle squeegee is easy to use and get the job done without any hassle.


Cleaning house windows is a tedious chore, and one needs to muster the courage to get it done. On the other hand, streaks, dust and smoke particles on windows give gloomy feeling to the room. Sparkling shining windows help in creating a welcoming and peaceful environment. The good thing about it is that you do not need to clean windows daily and once a week is usually sufficient unless your windows are exposed regularly to smoke.

People generally look for an easy way out and look for ways to get the job done in less time. Besides clean windows brighten up space as the sunlight enters through it effortlessly.

Windows are also a great way to enjoy the view. Stains and smudges on class disrupt the view so it is better to keep the windows clean so that you can experience the view and let the natural light in through them.

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