How to Keep Your Hair Wig Clean & Cut?

Are you worried about the maintenance of your hair wig? Does it start irritating you in the middle of your fun time? If you are nodding your head in yes, then take a read of this blog and let’s explore with us how to keep your hair wig clean and cut without any fuss. There is a wide range of human hair wigs ranging from colored wigs to simple wigs for different users around the globe.

You might be thinking about how to keep your wig clean that lasts for more time and gives you the desired look. Unfortunately, being busy in the rough and tough life routines, one might forget to take care of herself and avoid the essential things to maintain wig care. To overcome your day-to-day usage worries and issues, we have come up with the most tried and trusted solutions from wig and hair care experts.

Here are the things that might help you to keep your wig clean, happy, and everlasting. Let’s dive into this read:

Recognize Your Wig

Before you start working on cleaning your wig, you must explore the kind of your wig. There are different types of wigs, such as polyurethane, mesh, combo, and open weft units.

Moreover, a significant difference in wigs construction is the human and synthetic wig which requires relevant cleaning procedures. So, it is better to know about your wigs before you started cleaning them. By choosing the proper method for the right kind of wig may improve its longevity.


Safer Wig Storing

To keep proper care of your wig, make sure to take care of its storage. When you are not using your wig, try to keep it clean and appropriate place. Many things can be used to keep the wig in the right place, such as a dummy, hook, or a stand can aid you in this regard.

This will maintain the wig shape and keep it easy to use, clean, and comb without any hectic. Additionally, protect your hair wig from dust and moisture to sustain its proper shape and appearance for future usage.

When you keep the wig in a messy and unorganized way, it will get tangled and cause severe damage while cleaning and combing.

Properly Remove Sprays

The first and foremost thing is to avoid using sprays in your hair wig. There are harmful and unwanted chemicals in the spray that affect its shine and cause damage to the wig’s hair.

One more thing that you concentrate on while cleaning your wig is to remove the sprays with properly cleaning steps. Soak the wig in water by adding the wig shampoo for a while, and gently wash the wig without rubbing.

Pour in clean water after a few seconds and keep it on the hook or mannequin for drying.

Right Product

Washing your wigs with usual shampoos and conditioners somehow makes them fall apart. You have to pick up the specific products that are meant for bob wigs and other wigs.

Remember that an irrelevant product for cleaning your wing might affect its appearance and easily damage it. Regular shampoos and conditions are not meant for wigs; they are manufactured for natural human hair that can bear their chemical effects.

But, wigs are made up of natural human hair and synthetic fibre that is unfamiliar to natural human hair. So, always check the details of wig cleaning products before you put them in your cart.

Professional Style Remake

One thing that you must focus on is the styling of your wig. Usually, people do it by themself and ruin the whole wig appearance. To keep your wig new and fresh, styling and remaking is the best thing. But, try to consult with a professional before you restyle your wig. It will cut off the risk of wig damage.

Avoid Heat Exposure

To enjoy a clean and cut hair wig, develop the habits that induce more longevity to your wigs. According to experts, heat can affect your wigs. When it comes to synthetic wigs, the damage can be worse.

So, take care of this fact ad avoid exposure to heat to keep your wigs happy. However, wigs manufacturers design the wigs to bear the heat, but there is a level of heat for every wig.

Sometimes people expose their wigs to the hair dryers to dry their wigs easily and quickly. You can implement the manufacturer’s instructions while exposing it to heat to know how much heat you can render to your wig.


Take Off Wig While Sleeping & Showering

These two courses of life have haphazard movements along with severe damage to your hair wig. It is necessary to detach your wig when you are taking a shower or bath. This will affect the wig and may cause severe wig damage by giving hair fall. And when your hair falls from the wig, they did not come back, and you have to go for another option.

When you are awake in the morning, have you noticed that you found a few of your hair on the pillowcase and bed? Well, it is expected because infrequent movements can rub the hair and quickly cause damage when you are sleeping. This is the case with natural hair.

Just imagine what will be the mess with your blonde hair wig when you wear it at night. So, try to remove your wig when you are going to sleep. It will protect hair fall, hair damage, protect it from getting tangled, and reduce combing and cleaning issues as a whole.

Wrap Up

All in all, it is crucial to maintain the hygiene of your wig to keep it free from dust, moisture, and unhealthy chemicals. I hope these beneficial things and tips will help you keep your wig clean and ready to wear. It’s time to make your wig clean-cut and happy by using these simple ways without wasting time.

You can give them a try and share your experience of how helpful they are? Let me have your feedback, and you can also add up your personalized tips that other people can leverage your unique ideas for keeping their wigs clean.

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