How to Install and Remove Wedge Anchors Like A Pro?

If you are looking to use a wedge anchor for any construction project – you need to know how they work. We outlined how you go about safely installing and removing wedge anchors like a pro, so you don’t need to muck it up. Never mind the how-to video… Read our guide instead. In a few short minutes you will be able to install a wedge anchor for any project!

Installing Wedge Anchors

First of all, it is important that you have the right size of wedge anchor for the weight of the object you are securing. It is better to have too much torque than not enough.

The first step is to drill a hole in the area where you want to secure it. The hole needs to be exactly the correct size for the anchor that you choose. As a good rule of thumb, the hole needs to be at least a full half inch deeper than the wedge is going to go into the wall.
Installing Wedge Anchors

Next, make sure that you clean out that hole. Debris like plaster can block up the space and make the wedge anchor less effective. You want it to be totally flush against the wall. A good way to do this (believe it or not) is with either a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer.

Now you need to hammer the wedge anchor into the hole – but before you do that, make sure that the nut is threaded on. It needs to be level with the top of the anchor part, or you risk wrecking the threads as you hit it into the hole.
Finally, put the clip end into the hole and hammer it in there. The washer and nut should be right up against the hole before you secure the fixture and screw them on. Make sure you fasten it with a wrench to finish, otherwise you risk the bolt coming undone.

Removing Wedge Anchors

So now that we know how to install them – how do we go about removing them? To take a wedge anchor back out simply pry open the bolt again. The tricky part is taking the bolt back out of the wall because it will be truly fastened in there.

Some people like to chisel the plaster away and fill the wall back in using plaster of Paris. Some prefer the alternative method of using an electric saw to file the end off the bolt. The whole thing can be made flush to the wall using this technique. You could paint or paper over it and you would not know it was there.
Removing Wedge Anchors
Either hammering or drilling out the wedge anchor is the favoured method. This takes more elbow grease than funds. If you used a base plate to help attach the anchor, then you can prise this up using a bar, or you can drill holes in it to make it easier to lift from the wall. The choice is yours.

Where to Buy Wedge anchors?

You can pick up wedge anchors of your own for an affordable rate, through Baco Enterprises. Good luck with the install. Don’t forget you can keep this article open and work through it step-by-step if you get stuck!

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