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How To Install An Outdoor Swing Bed

How To Install An Outdoor Swing Bed

Installing outdoor swing beds could be exciting during the long summer days, especially if you have a number of people in your family who enjoy spending their time outside. It guarantees that you will be able to take a nap while enjoying the breeze, scent, and see your garden. But calling an expert to install the outdoor swing bed could cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, you can do the job yourself and reduce the cost of having it done by an expert.

Installing the swing bed is simple; pre-drill the holes where you will mount the joist. Once it is done, the next thing you must do is to insert the eyebolt in the ceiling where you will suspend a rope or a chain.

Note that installing the bed is inexpensive and thrilling if you choose to do it yourself. Here is the step by step process of installing the outdoor swing bed in your backyard.

Outdoor Swing Bed1

Come up with a plan

The first thing you will need to do is to come up with a plan of how you want your outdoor swing bed to look like. If you have no idea of how to do it, get instructions from a wood crafter.

Once the plan is available, collect all the materials you would need for the job. Of course, you will need to buy some of them if they are not locally available. Some of the materials include wood, a tape measure, wood stain, wood glue, and Finish Nailer. Also, you need a miter saw, jigsaw, 2’’ Nails, 1¼ ‘’ nails among others.


Decide the type of joints you want to use. The butt joint will give you better results.

Start by building the bed frame. Use 1×8’’ timber and 2×4’’ timbers for the sides. The sides should be bulky because it will need to accommodate the screws. Nail and glue together the sides using the 2’’ nails. You may use 2×3’’ timbers for the back and the front.

Cut 6’’ slates and nail them while spacing them evenly on the bed frame. The slates will support the mattress

Outdoor Swing Bed4


The posts

Place 4 posts in each corner and mount the rectangular pieces on top of the posts. Nail them together Cut four rails and nail them on the side of the four posts. They should connect all the four posts. Cut the armrest pieces and have them glued and nailed on the bedside. Add the top to the back to give it more support. You may use 1×4’’ pieces to offer firm support in the middle.

If there are unused holes, use wood putty to fill it. Also, ensure to round off the corners to remove the splinters. Apply a coat of stain and allow it to dry before adding the second and the third one. Allow it some time to dry.

Measure the edges of each post from the bottom and drill the holes for the eye screw. Hang the new swing bed in the pre-drilled holes in the ceiling. Use a twin mattress and some pillows to make it comfortable. You can now have a nap.

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