How to Install a TV on The Wall?

If you finally replace this 70-pound TV that you bought in the early 90s, or, more realistically, a plasma that finally dusts off, then you are probably thinking about wall-mounting a new TV.

Of course, you should not install the TV on the fireplace, but there is nothing wrong with standard wall mounting. At first, you will need to look know how stud finders work. Installing the TV on the wall makes a lot of sense for most people since it frees up space in the house. But the design can be intimidating for some.

So how do you mount the TV on the wall?

TV on the wall

Installing a TV can be as quick and easy as making a cup of Joe, but it can be as complicated as a triple mochaccino.

To help you, we have put together this list of expert tips. We will help you avoid common mistakes and overcome stupid obstacles.

Electric stud finders are very useful and efficient tools. They may be one of the most useful tools in the box or the reason you made a dozen additional holes in the wall. But here are four tips to help you.

TV on the wall1

  1. Popcorn Ceilings Defeated: Have you at any point attempted to dispatch a clove finder through a roof with a popcorn surface? Not only have you messed up the composition, but the clove finder also doesn’t work very well.
  2. Don’t forget the fire blocks: Before drilling holes, swipe the hairpin finder vertically up and down the wall to make sure there are no horizontal fire blocks between the hairpin compartments.
  3. Slower: To be compelling, nail finders must be suitably adjusted. In the first place, place yours on the divider and turn it on – you can for the most part do this by holding the catch. Let the stud discoverer decide the thickness of the material (it just takes a second or two), and afterward gradually move it from side to side. Go to and fro through the divider a few times, beginning from a better place with every entry. Mark each bit of the craftsman’s tape found with a fastener. We suggest discovering three and utilizing a measuring tape to ensure they are at a similar good ways from one another. This will assist you with avoiding bogus positives.
  4. Always double-check: Clove seekers can be tricked quite easily. They often read the drywall seam as a hairpin. After you have marked the studs, you should stick something into it that will make you remember about that and also stick something on wall where you want to drill holes. Usually, we use a small precision screwdriver, but a cutting hanger or wire for the piano is perfect. We recommend that you do this manually and not with a power tool, as you will better understand what is inside the wall.


All these tips are based on many years of own experience installing hundreds of televisions on wooden, steel, plaster, brick ceilings, as you call them.

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