How to Grow Your Instagram Followers as an Interior Designer


Instagram Followers

Interior design is a visual field – making it a great industry to showcase on social media platforms like Instagram. Without followers, however, your interior design projects won’t have an audience to admire the work.

Instagram has become one of the most popular marketing platforms, and while paid ads can reach a large audience, they can become costly to keep up with. A great Instagram account with lots of engaged followers can result in leads for new projects and hopefully sales, as well as drive traffic to your website. So, you can but more buying Instagram followers here, to increase traffic on your website.

Interior designers looking to grow their Instagram following can try these tips:

Post Great, Aesthetically Pleasing Content

As an interior designer, you probably have an eye for style. To get more followers, your content should always be of high quality and true to your brand. Consider your target audience, and post content tailored to their interest to appeal to them.

An aesthetically pleasing Instagram goes a long way, especially for a design business. When people come to your Instagram page, you want them to be impressed with the cohesive, visually appealing aesthetic. This is especially important for interior designers, as you likely want followers to convert into customers who will pay you to make their home visually appealing as well.
Post Great, Aesthetically Pleasing Content
Consider what style you want to promote on your Instagram, or come up with a theme of some sort. It often helps to keep a similar color palette across all of your posts so that they mesh well on your grid. Share your best work on Instagram, but make sure your posts flow well and look nice together.

Use Hashtags and Location Tags

Hashtags and location tags help you reach a larger, local audience. If you’re working in one specific area, it makes good sense to use location tags to target local followers. Using location tags can also help your post show up on the Explore page for that location.

Hashtags may seem overrated, but in reality, they can help you reach a much larger audience online. The key is to use smart hashtags tastefully. Use general hashtags like #InteriorDesign or #InteriorDesigner, but also use more specific tags – for example, if you share a room with a minimalist style, use #minimalism hashtags. To keep your captions clean, either use spacers like bullet points to hide your hashtags or put your hashtags in a comment.

Using hashtags will allow your post to show up on the topic pages for those hashtags, which is where potential followers and customers can find you. Your post could also appear on the Explore page through hashtags. Note that your profile must be public for your posts to appear on hashtag pages (your profile should be public and set to a business profile already anyway).

Engage With Your Followers

To get more followers, engage with those that already follow you. If someone new comes to your page, they’ll see that you engage with and care about your followers and may be more inclined to give you a follow. Your current followers will appreciate your engagement as well, which could lead to them recommending you to a friend or family member.
Engage With Your Followers
Engaging with your followers will encourage them to engage with you more as well. Instagram’s algorithm ranks posts on the feed and on Explore and hashtag pages based on a few factors, one of them being engagement. This means more engagement could lead to more people seeing your brilliant content.

You can also follow people and engage with them to get a follow back, especially if they follow similar interior design accounts, hashtags, or have somehow indicated that they are interested in interior design.

Try an Instagram Growth Service

Growing an Instagram account is not as easy as it may seem, especially when you have to worry about creating content for it and managing your interior design business. If you can afford it, take the task off of your plate by investing in an Instagram growth service. You may think that sounds shady, but there are legit services out there that help you find real followers.

A good Instagram growth service will grow your account organically, and a great one will find followers targeted specifically for your interests (interior design in this case). By finding interested followers for you, your account can grow while you sit back and focus on your content and your business.

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