5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Summer is an excellent time to relax at home and enjoy freedom from cold weather and demanding school schedules. Getting your home ready for the season can allow you to reduce the time you spend maintaining it and limit the risk of problems and repairs. Here are some of the most important tasks to complete if you want to get your house ready for a comfortable, relaxing summer.

1. Schedule an AC Tune-Up Service

Schedule an AC Tune-Up Service

The last thing you want on a hot summer day is for your AC unit to freeze or break. A malfunctioning AC system can make your home uncomfortable and require a significant amount of money in repairs. Preventive maintenance can reduce the risk of AC failure. When you schedule a tune-up service, a technician can check your system for problems, make necessary repairs, and ensure your equipment is set up for optimal performance.

2. Switch Out Your Linens

Heavy quilts and down comforters keep your bed cozy during the cold winter months, but they can be stuffy and uncomfortable during the summer. You can enjoy a new look by switching to lightweight bedding during the warmer months. Consider using cotton or bamboo sheets and a thin coverlet. You may want to choose pastel or light neutral colors to mirror the longer hours of sunlight. You can also consider investing in a cooling system for your bed or mattress. These devices can help regulate temperature to prevent you from becoming too warm when you sleep.

3. Clean Your Windows and Screens

Clean Your Windows and Screens
You may want to open your windows during the summer, so it’s important to make sure the glass and screens are free from dust and debris. Once you remove your screens, cleaning them is fairly easy with a vacuum and a hose. If you have high windows on the upper stories of your home, you may want to hire a professional to clean them.

4. Get Your Grill Ready for Safe Cooking

Grilling dinner on your deck or patio may be a favorite summer pastime, but it can also increase your risk of a home fire. Fortunately, it only takes a few steps to make sure you are ready to grill safely. Once you have a good basic setup, make sure to clean your grill and keep a fire extinguisher close by every time you cook.

5. Spruce Up Your Lawn

Spruce Up Your Lawn
If you enjoy relaxing and entertaining outside during the summer, it’s important to keep your lawn and landscaping healthy. Lawn Butler, a commercial landscaping company, suggests the start of spring is a good time to test your sprinkler system, take care of plants by pruning any trees or hedges that are overgrown, and control weeds. This can also be a great time to consider updating your lawn to eco-friendly landscaping. It’s also good to check your lawn maintenance equipment and make any necessary repairs.

Getting your home ready for a relaxing summer season only requires a few simple tasks. Cleaning your windows and screens and switching to summer linens can improve your home’s appearance and comfort level. You can also hire experts to check your AC equipment and improve your landscaping.

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