How to Get Rid of Rats At Home?

5 Natural Ways for Rat Control

On a peaceful and relaxing day at home, you suddenly hear squeaking, scooting, and even running noises on your walls. You tried to trail it and ended up seeing an unpleasant and unwelcomed visitor on your holiday – a rat. 

Get Rid of Troublesome Rats

The Rat

Who would not know what a rat is?

A rat is one of the members of the rodent clan infamous for its sharp front teeth adapted for gnawing and nibbling, and it is a tad more significant than a mouse. Some of its cousins are the beavers, hamsters, porcupines, and squirrels. 

The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) reports that over 60 species of rat are in the US. Unlike other pests, rats are considered destructive in many ways.

A rat can grow up to 40 cm or more and can weigh 350 to 650 grams. It has long, hairless, and scaly hair, which you may think of as revolting.

Its color varies from white, brown, black, or gray. But the most common in Utah are the black and brown rats; you better watch out. 

Rats are typically blind, but they compensate for this with their sense of smell magnified four times than dogs.

Common Rat Problems

Like any other pests, rats needed food, water, and shelter to survive. However, they have high adaptability and breeding ability, making them one of the most challenging pests to eliminate. If neglected, a rat infestation can cause you the following problems at home.

  • They can destroy your property. Rats can gnaw and nibble your wires and walls. 
  • They can contaminate your food. Rats run everywhere. They are omnivores, so they eat what they can fill in their stomachs. However, they are also ultimate carriers of waste which they might spread on your food once they find your food cache.
  • They can bring about a myriad of diseases. Reports say that rats can cause a human 35 different infections from Salmonella to Hantavirus. And we don’t want another bubonic plague to happen. 

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Troublesome Rats

Get Rid of Rats At Home1

The signs of a rat infestation include impulsive noises and tiny droppings around your house. Although it is difficult to get rid of an infestation, it is better to do something than never. The criteria for determining a method for rat removal naturally are the effectiveness against rats, the safety for your family and pets and, availability of the materials at home or near you. 

1. Use natural rat control and deterrent methods.  

Black pepper, cayenne pepper, onions, peppermint oil, and garlic are some of the home remedies you can use to keep the little critters away. They dislike the smell of these things, that they will draw the line. Apply liberal amounts of these natural ingredients around the exterior of your home, and they would not think twice about entering your house.  

2. Repair or seal any gaps or cracks. 

Do not underestimate a rat’s capability to search all over your house for a means of access. Rats are known to be highly intelligent rodents. As long as their noses directed them to your home, they will find a way inside. Before it is too late, caulk any gaps, breaks, or cracks and install mesh wires on vents to deny them further entry. 

3. Employ mechanical pest control.

Mechanical pest control uses mechanical devices such as barriers, fences, traps, and wires to manage and control pests. You can use rat-trap, glue boards, and stickers as rat controls to minimize and prevent the rat problem. 

4. Spray rat repellents.

Rat repellents are also helpful when it comes to saying goodbye to these pesky critters. All you have to do is look for an all-natural rat repellent that is also allergy-safe.

5. Clean, clean, clean.

Nothing beats cleanliness when it comes to humane prevention of the rat population. It is cost-efficient if you are diligent with your home clean-up drive. The shelter is a basic necessity for a rat’s survival. Eliminating the wastes on possible nesting spots, such as a dirty kitchen or cluttered rooms, will help you in the long run. 

What is the best rodent control?

If you have reached a point where the infestation at your home is already worst, it is best to pass the baton to professional rat exterminators. Pros know all about rats like the back of their hand. Aside from the inspection of the root causes of the invasion, they can also identify the entry points, nesting spots, and food sources of these pesky rodents.

Rodent pest control companies like Bairds Termite and Pest Control have been in the industry for over 40 years. Our rat exterminators are equipped and trained with the expertise and experience to deal with your rat dilemma. We also ensure that our treatments are allergy-safe and eco-friendly. Call us now to start an inspection today.

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