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How To Eliminate Refrigerant Leaks In Your Home?

How To Eliminate Refrigerant Leaks In Your Home?

Maintaining a cooling system can be a time-consuming job for many homeowners and can be costly should things go wrong. However, with careful planning and regular checks of the system, it does not have to take a huge amount of time. In this article, we will be looking into how you can eliminate refrigeration leaks in your home.

Regularly Check Your System

One of the most efficient ways of preventing a leak is to regularly check the system. By conducting a dye test, you can check for any forms of a leak in the system. This involves sending fluorescent dry into the system which will then come out of the system if there are any leaks. This will allow you to locate them clearly and allow you to replace the parts that you need.

In addition to this style of test, there are a number of other tests such as Electronic Detection and nitrogen tests that can be carried out by a refrigeration repair service to detect the exact source of the problem and ensure you are spending money on exactly what you need.

What Are The Signs Of A Leak?

What Are The Signs Of A Leak

Before calling in the help of a repair service it is important to be aware of the signs of a leak. This will then enable you to see whether it is a problem with the machine or with the internal cooling system over time. Below, we have compiled a list of 5 of the key signs you need to look out for if your system is leaking:

  • Loss Of Cooling Power
  • Not Blowing Out Cool Air
  • Hissing Sounds Coming from Internal Unit
  • Coils Are Frozen
  • Higher Electric Bills

Home Leak Detection Methods

Home Leak Detection Methods
If you are looking to double-check for a leak before calling for a repair service, sing the bubbler method is one of the oldest and most efficient ways of doing so. With a soap solution applied to the areas where you think there may be a leak, small little bubbles will appear. This will then indicate to you where the leak is and allow you to replace the pipe or the component that is causing the leak You can then call for a repair within a few weeks with faster results as this will reduce the time needed to search for the leak.

Replace The System

If you find that the system has much more of a leak than you expected, this can lead to your whole system needing to be replaced. Though this can cost more than just a repair, this is often the cheaper option if there is more than one repair that needs to be done as this could turn out more expensive than replacing the entire refrigeration system in the home.
Regardless of whether you have recently installed an air conditioning system, or you are looking to fix a suspected leak just before the summer months, we are sure that one of these will help you to have your aircon fixed in time for the scorching hot summer.

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