How To Easily Revamp Your Interior Doors Without Replacing Them


Revamp Your Interior Doors 1

The doors within your home play a crucial role. They not only safeguard your privacy but also contribute to the overall style of your dwelling. Nevertheless, swapping out your interior doors can prove to be an expensive and lengthy endeavor.

Luckily, multiple simple methods exist to refurbish your interior doors without straining your finances, from replacing door knobs to repainting trim. In this blog article, we’ll guide you on how to refresh the appearance of your interior doors without the need for replacement.

Choose a New Color to Paint Your Doors

Revitalizing your doors can be achieved simply and budget-friendly by opting for a paint job. Experiment with a vibrant new hue or alter the texture with a glossy or matte finish. To begin, remove the door from its hinges and thoroughly clean it. Once the door has dried, prepare the surface by gently sanding it with fine-grit sandpaper. The final step involves applying your selected paint color, transforming your door into a fresh feature in your home.

Swap the Doorknobs For a New Style

Modifying your door knobs is an uncomplicated and economical strategy to enhance the aesthetic charm of your doors. The marketplace offers a broad range of door knob designs, shades, and materials for you to pick from, encompassing options like brass, chrome, or glass. This versatility allows you to adjust the design to suit your distinctive taste or match it with your home’s current decor.

To kickstart this makeover, start by removing the old door knob. Following that, the subsequent step involves fitting the new ones in place. This task can be accomplished effortlessly using standard tools like a screwdriver or a drill. This seemingly small but powerful change can bestow a rejuvenated and modern appearance on your doors, improving the overall ambiance of your space.

Revamp Your Interior Doors 2

Repaint the Trim Surrounding Your Doors

Revamping the trim around your doors can rejuvenate the overall appearance of your space. The trim encompasses the frame that encircles the door and the baseboard at the bottom. You can tint it in a color contrasting your walls or even the same hue as the door. Before commencing the painting process, make certain that the surfaces are clean and dry, then initiate painting using a brush or roller.

Add Glass To a Hollow Door

If you have hollow doors, you can add glass to them for a new look. Using a router, carefully cut out a space for glass panels, then add the glass panels, ensuring that they fit perfectly. You can use frosted or stained glass to add more personalization or use decorated paper as a temporary solution. Adding glass to these doors can brighten and open up any dark areas.

Conclusion: Consider These Tips When Revamping Your Space

Revamping your interior doors can breathe new life into your home without breaking your bank and installing new doors. By giving these tips a try, you can give your doors a fresh and modern look. So, choose your colors, replace your doorknobs, paint the trim, add glass, and make your doors stand out. You’ll be amazed at the transformation and how easy it can be to revamp your interior doors.

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