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How to Design Your Bathroom in 2018

How to Design Your Bathroom in 2018

Technology is giving us new ways to design and build our homes and interior spaces in ways that we couldn’t have thought possible just a few years ago. Both consumers and designers can leverage technology to come up with new designs for their personal space, or to create furniture pieces that blend with their homes. Whatever the use, the possibilities are limitless.

In the world of interior design, technology is a time saver and a tool for exploring your own creative power. It allows you to innovate and come up with solutions to some of the more challenging design problems so that you don’t feel boxed in when dealing with the usual constraints (e.g., small spaces, color combinations, etc.).

How is technology changing the interior design?

The best example of how design is changing is the number of online planning tools available today – such as Houzz and House Tipster. These websites provide an essential service to amateur designers by offering scores of design catalogs for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. Users can browse through different categories to find something they like, and as always, you can combine two or more designs to come up with a unique style. When creating a bathroom, these kinds of tools will enable you to take measurements of your space, create floor plans, and the more advanced tools will allow you to create a 3D model of your room. Other services like Hutch allow users to take a picture of their space and upload it to the Hutch app; and once there, you can browse through suggested designs, patterns, and artwork.

For a broader look at how interior design has evolved in the last ten years, let’s take a closer look at other major online services:

3D Printing

Bathroom Decor 3D Printing

This enables designers to generate ideas on-demand and everything happens in a matter of hours. The good thing about it is that designs are presented in a miniature form, and clients can then make adjustments as needed, and designers can offer a variety of design plans for the same space.

Digital walls and ceilings

Bathroom Decor Digital walls and ceilings
Do you have a particular shade of paint that you want to use in your bathroom? There’s an app you can use to test different color palettes to see which color complements your artwork or furniture. Once you settle for a specific shade or color combination, the contractor will still offer to change the ceiling shades, wallpaper pattern, or the entire wall to suit different moods, seasons, or events. Implement exciting and modern designs to enhance your bathroom remodel.

Improved design collaboration

Technology allows greater collaboration for interior design, and this makes clients more comfortable knowing that they played a part in choosing what their interior space looks like. As you scroll through the hundreds of bathroom designs available today, feel free to try your own creative ideas and come up with unique plans that complement your style.

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