How to Decorate Your Kids Room – Climbing Furniture

Parents who wonder what to decorate kids room with should turn their eyes to Pikler furniture. It can be a Pikler triangle, a Pikler arch, a cube, a ramp, a climber or a combination of all these items. You can build different structures with them — so the more items you have, the better. Climbing furniture does not only look nice and keeps your kids entertained — but it also contributes to their physical and intellectual development.

What is climbing furniture?

To answer the question “What is Pikler furniture?” we should talk about Emmi Pikler a bit. This prominent lady was born in Hungary and became a pediatrician. She worked in an orphanage and developed her unique approach to children’s education there.

Emmi believed that kids constantly want to learn, move and explore the surrounding world. Their parents need to create an appropriate environment for them — that is, buy climbing furniture and educational toys. Plus, grown-ups should never limit the freedom of movement of the little ones. Kids need to learn to fall down, get up and make a second attempt. This will teach them to be not afraid of making mistakes in the future.

How to Decorate Your Kids Room

The primary mission of such furniture consists of helping boys and girls to hone gross motor skills. They are called “gross” because they are connected with the movements that we make with our torso, limb and head. The term “fine motor skills”, by contrast, denotes the movements that we make with our fingers. Children should develop both sets of skills before they go to school.

Another question that you might want to ask is: “What age is a Pikler triangle for?”. Its target audience is preschool children of all ages. Babies can watch and touch toys that you hang on its bars. This will teach them to differentiate shapes and colors. Toddlers will learn to sit and stand up straight holding on to the bars. Finally, the kids will start to climb the triangle.

How to decorate kids room with Pikler triangle?

Mums and dads who are thinking of how to decorate kids room can choose from climbing furniture of diverse shapes, sizes and colors.

If the interior of the room is beige or pastel, you might prefer a monochrome triangle — that is, unpainted. However, a multicolored item can turn into an opportune bright accent for this type of decor. For bright rooms, a multicolored triangle would be a natural solution.

If the space is limited, opt for a small triangle. If the room is spacious, purchase a larger one and complement it with other types of climbing furniture.

How to Decorate Your Kids Room2

Since the furniture is made of natural wood, it looks very elegant. It is lightweight and you can easily relocate it to another room. Also, you can take it outside in your garden. If you want to take Pikler items to your country house or elsewhere, a triangle will be an optimal solution. You can fold it so that it occupies minimum space in your luggage or the trunk of your car.

What kind of climbers do we – BumbleBee Smart store – have?

At BumbleBee Smart, you can order all types of climbers for kids:

  • Cubes
  • Arches
  • Triangles
  • Transformable climbers
  • Sets with ramps

All the items are made of eco-friendly and durable birch plywood. To decorate them, we use water-based paints and varnishes that cannot cause allergies.

We have two daughters ourselves so we understand very well what the small ones like and need. Our prices are competitive and we are ready to ship our goods worldwide.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to consult you and share smart tips.

Is Pikler triangle worth it?

Oh, yes! Both kids and their parents adore it. Kids never get enough of climbing furniture because it encourages open-end play. Children invent different game scenarios and exercise their creativity. In their imagination, a climbing triangle and other components of the set can turn into a magic castle or a house where their dolls organize a tea party.

Parents love such furniture because they can concentrate on their own activities while the little ones are having fun. You can be sure that Pikler items will keep your son or daughter busy for a long time. Meanwhile, you can read a book, or chat with your friends, or cook a meal…

Besides, you might want to purchase a sensory wall for the kid’s room. The alternative names for this educational toy are “sensory panel” and “busy board”. It is a panel with multiple small items attached to it. It enables children to develop their fine motor skills and thus perfectly compliments Pikler furniture. You can order busy boards on our site too! They will become an amazing addition to the room’s decor.

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