How to Decorate Your Exterior with Outdoor Fence Lighting


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Outdoor Fence Lighting

Building a fence is essential for providing security and privacy. These are the primary reasons why you should build a fence, but don’t just stop there. Go an extra mile and add some fence lighting decorations to make your outdoor space look more interesting.

It’s natural to spend some time outside at night, mostly during the summer, and lighting up your fence can make the space livelier and more comfortable. Since it’s outdoors, you can use solar lights for fence instead of electric lights, so you don’t need to worry about your electric bills.

There are many ways to light up your fences. Use some creativity and imagination to create an amazing and dazzling look. You can use these landscape design ideas to further improve the look of your outdoor space.
Otherwise, you can review some creative ways to decorate your fence by reading on below.

String Lights

Let’s start with easy and basic lighting. What’s your favorite color? You can answer this question by buying string lights of your favorite color. String lights can be hung across your fence in different colors of your choice to create a glowing border.
You can outline the lights by stringing them across the top of the fence or ledge or draping the lights by hanging them from post to post.

All methods are great, so you’ll need to figure out which works best for you.

Post Mount Lights

These are lights installed on top of fence posts. They are mostly placed on posts around the gates, but you can also spread them across your fence.

These lights can be installed strategically to match with your preference if you want them to be in a preferred pattern.

Mounting post lights for decoration can be done with lower voltage bulbs, but if you need the lights for security, then you can opt for floodlights or spotlights.

Post Cap Lights

They are just like post mount lights, but you don’t have to place them on top of the fences. Cap lights are placed on top of posts inside the fences, usually smaller ones. A good example of post caps are lights on top of outdoor staircases.

Solar post cap lights are energy efficient. They use rechargeable batteries to convert sunlight energy to light during the night.
Post Cap Lights
Post cap lights are easy to install and maintain. They can also be combined with other types of lighting to create a more colorful look.

Silhouette Lighting

“Silhouetting”, also called uplighting, is placing lights on the ground that light upwards. This type of lighting, if implemented correctly, can bring a whole new level of fantastic scenery to your yard. These lights work well with trees or some plantations, but can also work well with walls. To create a more interesting look on the walls, you can add some plant animations to create an impressive illusion.

When placing the lights, they shouldn’t be too close to the wall because they will cast a shadow. It’s also best if the lights are submerged to hide them from the view.

You should try this one out. The views you’ll be making are breathtaking.

Wall Mount Lighting

Wall mount lighting is placing lights against the wall. These, unlike post cap lights and post mount lights, are placed facing towards the house.

Wall mount light installation is straight-forward, but you can use your imagination to create a more appealing look.

Sconce Lighting

Sconce lighting is just like wall mounting, except that the lights face downwards. They are normally placed on fence posts facing down to highlight the area below the fence.

Sconce lighting is also great for lighting up places to find paths in the dark.

Rope Lighting

Rope lighting is a great way to add color to your outdoor space. The light can be hooked or wrapped to your fence in various patterns. They are available in both single and multicolored options.
Rope Lighting
Rope lights can also be laid on the ground along the fences, walls and pathways. They bring out a lot of creativity and imagination because they are easy to design and manipulate according to the designer’s preferences.

If you like mixing and matching colors, you should try rope lighting.


These are just some of the great outdoor lighting ideas you can use to improve the look and feel of your home. The good part about some of these lighting ideas is that they are easy to install and maintain. Don’t settle for a bland-looking yard and start designing your fences today.

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