How To Decorate A Conservatory


Walls And Floors

Conservatories are an idyllic addition to your home, a place to surround yourself in the beauty of your garden, but also stay safe from the elements. But having an empty conservatory is pretty pointless, so today we’ll be going through some great ways to bring your conservatory to life and help create a nice serene space for you to relax and watch the world go by.


To start off with, you’re going to need some furniture for your conservatory, afterall, you need somewhere to sit to relax, maybe a coffee table to keep a cup of tea and your favourite book on.

When it comes to your seating arrangements, a normal living room sofa may be a bit overkill and possibly hard to get into your conservatory, so we’d recommend getting a specifically made conservatory sofa or some garden chairs. Usually these will be made from wicker with cushions on, this means it’ll be lightweight and comfortable.

Again with your coffee table, a conservatory table will likely also be made out of wicker, making it easy to move around. Having all wicker furniture will give you a nice theme for your conservatory while also making everything easy to move about.

Walls And Floors

Decorate A Conservatory
All conservatories will come in white as standard, so you should probably break out the paintbrush and get some colour on the walls, although all white is a clean look, it’s a bit dull, so maybe go with a nice earthy colour like a green or soft brown to make your room even more immersive in the garden.

You don’t have to paint the whole conservatory, the trim and all the PVC can be left as is but, we’d recommend painting the wall which connects the conservatory to your home.

When it comes to the floor, we’d recommend going with a nice laminate wooden flooring paired with a rug that matches the colour you painted the wall, this will bring a nice look to the room.

Conservatory Blinds

One of the best parts of a conservatory is getting lots of natural light in the day time, however there will be times when the sun is in your eyes and distracting you from your relaxation time. So we’d recommend purchasing conservatory blinds from DotcomBlinds they have a great selection of blinds tailor made to fit your conservatory and if you conservatory has bifold doors, they can also supply blinds for those.

Much like the walls and floors you’re going to want to make sure that the colour of your blinds match the general theme of your conservatory, otherwise they run the risk of looking gaudy.

Little Extras

Little Extras
So, your conservatory is furnished, but it feels like it needs a bit more character, so it’s time to add in the finishing touches to your conservatory. So here’s a few things we’d recommend to add to your conservatory.

Mirrors: As we said earlier, conservatories are great for natural light, so having a nice mirror will help enhance that natural light and help keep the room bright.

Shelving: Having some shelves up in your conservatory will give you space to keep trinkets and add more personal touches to the room, we’d recommend using corners for the shelving due to the lack of wall space.

Potted Plants: As your conservatory is an extension of your garden, why not have a few house plants in your conservatory, this will add some nice colour to the conservatory and make things feel a lot more natural.

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