How To Create The Perfect Modern Landscape For Your Home


When it comes to the design of your home, there are many things you can do. One of those things is landscaping. Landscaping adds a lot to the overall look and feel of the house. A well-designed landscape can boost the curb appeal of your property. 

To offset the daily rigors of modern society, people have developed a taste for the seamless, less ornate look. So it’s no surprise how modern landscapes are becoming the new trend among suburban communities. A modern landscape is usually characterized by minimalistic design, using clean lines and geometric shapes. 

When designing a modern landscape, you must be able to gain input from experienced professionals of Bend Oregon Landscaping Design. Alongside your trusted contractor, you can create an ideal exterior design for your home. This way, you can ensure that you’ll get the best results in the design process. 

The following are nine tips for creating the perfect modern landscape for your property, so read on.

Use Symmetrical Plants 

Symmetry is one of the major themes of modern landscape designs—it is all about keeping the balance among all elements. A modern landscape will give your yard an even look and feel while creating a great space on both sides of your house. 

An excellent way to achieve a symmetrical look is by using symmetrical plants, such as agaves, ornamental grasses, hydrangeas, succulents, and bamboo. These plants have leaves or flowers that are the same on each side of the stem or branch.

You can use them by planting one in front of another or combining them with other plants like annuals and perennials for more variation in color and size. Still, since the main goal is to keep the look controlled and symmetrical, you must be careful not to go overboard with your choice of plants. Keeping your variety narrow creates a more cohesive look that works well with any other elements in your landscape design. 

Allocate Open Spaces 

Open spaces are essential in achieving a modern look in your landscape. They give a better visual connection between the yard and the home. It creates a sense of flow throughout your yard by keeping the paths clear throughout your property and ensuring the house does not feel isolated.

You can achieve this look by making the planting beds similar in width. To make the look interesting, however, you can go for plants with varying heights. Make sure to arrange the plants with controlled uniformity and maintain ample space between two trees or shrubs so that air can circulate them.

Inlay With A Small Manicured Lawn 

A small manicured lawn creates a sense of order and keeps your property looking neat. It also helps to make the most of the space in your yard, as a well-kept lawn can look more expansive than it is. 

As such, it’s essential to maintain the appearance of the lawn by cutting it regularly. Regular mowing will prevent weeds from taking over your yard, maintaining a neat look. If you’re having trouble with this and want to make your lawn beautiful, you may outsource the service of a gardener.

Use Warm-Colored Materials  

Warm-colored materials are more versatile than cold colors, and they can help you create an outdoor space that feels warm and cozy in the summer and winter. Aside from that, they tend to make your landscape look less uptight, which is a plus in today’s world full of cookie-cutter houses. 

You may use a warm-colored material as an accent around your home or as the main feature of a garden design. In doing so, you’ll be able to create a charming outdoor space that complements the style of your home well. Some of the best warm colors are terracotta, red brickwork, limestone, and dark-green foliage.

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Install Water Features 

While water features are common elements in traditional landscapes, they can still add visual interest and functionality to a modern home.

A water feature—like a waterfall, cascade, stream, or pond—can create a relaxing and fun environment while also serving as a focal point of your garden. It can add character to your home by making it look more welcoming and comfortable.

You can punctuate hard landscaping with garden pools. You can create a pond in the middle of a large lawn and then surround it with paver bricks or other stones. This will create a border around the pond, giving it flair and style while adding height to the yard. 

Alternatively, you can add waterfalls or cascades to provide seating areas or to serve as an entryway into your home. This can add functionality but still give you privacy.

Use Stones In Pathways 

Stone elements are a great way to add interest, character, and outstanding durability to your home. They are also less costly to maintain.

Stones are excellent materials to embed in pathways and walkways. You can use them as a border or path between plants and flowers. Common decorative stones are granite, sandstone, limestone, and slate. You can use a combination of different stones. For example, you can inlay large granite slabs bordered by smaller slate stones or monochromatic pebbles. 

You can also use stones with contrasting textures. You can install an area of brickwork surrounded by small rocks adjacent to a brick wall. You can also install stonewalls at both ends of your driveway, which will look attractive when lit at night. This way, the whole garden will be more beautiful and functional.

However, keep the mix of colors and textures within a narrow or monochromatic range as much as possible. Otherwise, it would look less subdued, which is the opposite of what you’re aiming for.

Adopt Zen Elements In The Seating Area 

Your outdoor seating area should be a place of serenity and relaxation. It’s where you can kick back and enjoy a cool drink on a hot day or catch up with friends over lunch. Zen elements are the perfect features to achieve that ambiance.  

Wooden benches are versatile—they can easily complement the natural beauty of your backyard. If you want to take things a step further, you can add stylish cushions for sitting on these benches. These will provide an extra layer of comfort for your guests.  

Whatever option you choose, make sure that it complements the style of your home. This ensures that your outdoor seating area won’t feel out of place and doesn’t reduce the beauty of your yard. 

Use Black Horizontal Slats For Your Fence 

You can use black horizontal slats for your fence to make it stand out from the other elements in your landscape. Since black is a solid, plain color, the fence can create depth and height in your yard.

When building black horizontal slat fences, you can use various materials. The most common materials are wood, composite lumber, and fiberglass. These are lightweight materials, which makes them very easy to handle and transport around your property. 

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, you can use vinyl for your fence. This material is made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), so they are durable and immune to harsh weather. This also means that the color of the fence wouldn’t quickly fade away, especially during extreme weather conditions, helping you save costs. 

Build A Concrete Firepit 

Like a water feature, a fire element is more of a traditional touch. Yet it can elevate a modern landscape when integrated strategically.

Adding a fire element to your outdoor design can help you create an outdoorsy feel. The flame creates a more inviting ambiance. Plus, it is aesthetically pleasing and, of course, adds warmth to the area.

You may build an outdoor firepit made of concrete to make it look even more captivating and appealing. You can use anything from bricks to stones to create this element. Make sure it fits your design perfectly. You may also add seating areas with geometrical shapes around them to add some pattern and character.

Key Takeaways 

A modern landscape is characterized by balance, minimalism, and functionality. It is a perfect option for homeowners looking to make their homes look neat yet stunning. A modern landscape with the right elements can create a relaxing and inviting outdoor living space, whether you’re hosting parties or lounging with friends. 

The key to creating a stunning modern landscape is understanding how to balance the elements. It lets you exercise creative control. Today, modern landscapes are incorporated with a harmonious, almost seamless combination of natural and man-made aspects. A surefire way to achieve the look is to add geometrical shapes in line with existing trees, shrubs, or columns to give your yard a more defined look.

If you want a more open outdoor space, simply alternate geometric shapes with natural forms like plants, rocks, and water features. This will create a sense of scale while maintaining harmony among all elements involved in your design process. 

But then again, variety is technically not the spice of modern landscapes, so make sure to go easy on mixing and matching elements in the design.

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