The Difference Between Sideboard, Buffet, and Hutch


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Difference Between Sideboard, Buffet, and Hutch 1

Some interior furniture names are usually used interchangeably, especially when they perform similar functions. You might run into names such as a sideboard, hutch, and buffet when you want to purchase furniture for storage, display, and decorative purposes. These pieces of furniture might seem identical, but they have huge differences based on their uses, functions, and where you can place them.

After reading this blog till the end, you will be able to differentiate between a sideboard, buffet, and hutch. I will also highlight the functions of each of them.


A sideboard is a piece of furniture with a long, flat top, short legs, and triangular sides. Sideboards are multifunctional types of cabinets that may contain many shelves, segments, drawers, and storage space.

 Modern sideboards are made from various raw materials such as wood, particle board, glass, and metals. They are wider, sleeker, and catchier than the older designs. 

Sideboards can be used for many purposes based on where you placed them. They can store duvet covers, toys, games, and bedside storybooks in the bedroom. When found in the living rooms, they can serve the purpose of lamp holders, Tv, and video game stand.

Difference Between Sideboard, Buffet, and Hutch 2

You can place sideboards with multiple open segments in the home library, where they serve the purpose of a bookshelf. They can also display art collections, trophies, and unique items. 

Regardless of the kind of sideboard you desire, you will always find the one that will suit your desired purpose at Tylko sideboard unit. You can also design a highly personalized sideboard by yourself and for yourself on such websites. The sideboard will be delivered with an assembling guide in a flat pack box.  


A buffet is a sideboard with a large cabinet, storage space, and many segments. They usually have a long, flat surface and triangular sides. They are generally of average height with short legs that make them stand firmly against the wall. 

The only significant difference between a buffet and a sideboard is location. Sideboard is positioned anywhere within the home, while a buffet is mainly found in the dining room or kitchen. It is convenient to say kitchen and dining room sideboards are called buffets. 

They serve the storage and display purpose of kitchen utensils, plates, glass wear, and dining lines. Due to their average height, they can also serve guests tea, coffee, and food.  

Difference Between Sideboard, Buffet, and Hutch 3


A hutch is a massive piece of furniture with many shelves, open segments, and ample storage space with drawers. They can either be low with many shelves or tall with many cabinet segments. 

Hutch combines either sideboard or buffet with a counter, cabinets, and shelves. The location where you place the hutch will determine its function and combinations. 

A hutch placed in the dining rooms or kitchen will have lower buffet units and upper counters with shelves. Alternatively, a hutch placed in other areas of the home will have a lower sideboard unit with an upper counter and shelves. 

Hutch can be used for storage and display purposes. Some modern hutches have transparent glass doors to prevent access to valuable possessions displayed. They are mainly used to store large, expensive cake plates, serving plates, big pots, and glass wares. 

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