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How To Create A Fun Backyard Playground For Kids

Playgrounds can allow kids’ imaginations to run free, giving them ownership over the play space and enabling them to create endless fun memories. The best playground elements can empower kids to continually re-purpose and redesign how to have fun with them.    

So if you’re planning to spruce your backyard with a playground for your kids, this article lists ideas to give it fun on tap and stimulate your kids’ development. Consider adding the following:

Backyard Swings 

Everyone enjoys a good old swing, even those who haven’t been kids in decades. There are different types of swings to choose from for your backyard. This includes the following: 

  • Tire Swing: You can use old tires lying around the garage if you have one. If none, you can ask family, friends, neighbors, or local automotive shops. This is a cheaper option than buying a brand-new tire. Moreover, they are kind enough to give it for free if you’re lucky.

While kids will gravitate toward any swing, giving your tire swing some color will add to the allure. To do so, give the tire a good scrub before you spray paint it so the color will last longer. And for best results, let the paint dry overnight. For an exciting addition to your backyard playground, consider incorporating a high-quality swing set slide to bring endless fun and laughter to your kids’ playtime adventures.  

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If you’re using a tree to swing on, pick a stable branch to tie the rope around. Also, choose a strong branch far from the trunk to avoid unwanted incidents. While a clove hitch knot works for most tire swings, there are other strong knots you can also use.  

  • Wooden Swing: Opting for the classic wooden board setup should be a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) project. However, wooden swings can be prone to playground accidents, such as splinters and tripping over wooden borders. Hence, it’s best to keep this in mind if you choose this option.  
  • Platform Swing: This is a safe alternative and ideal for younger children. You can use polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes and nylon webbing to create a lightweight platform swing close to the ground. This allows toddlers to enjoy the swing with minimal supervision.  

Your choice of swing would depend on your budget. Moreover, it can be a DIY project. A wide selection of affordable and quality playground accessories is available online, with options catering to every backyard size.     

Climbing Wall 

There are different ways you can go about building a climbing wall. One idea that stands out is an A-shaped structure. This has a rock-climbing wall on one side, a cargo net on the other, and a removable cross brace in the middle. There are a few benefits to this design.  

  • It makes it easy to collapse and fold for storage.  
  • It provides unique challenges to your kids’ motor skills. 
  • The A-shape offers a shaded space under it, which opens up infinite possibilities for play.

This is a relatively affordable structure, depending on your available space and your kids’ size. You can hire a professional to build the structure if you need the necessary skills and tools to do this project. This would cost more, but it guarantees your kids can safety while they have fun.     

Art Section

An art section in your backyard is a simple yet affordable idea to bring the space and your kids to life. You’ll need a wooden easel and an acrylic board that’ll serve as a canvas for kids to exercise their creativity. This can give your kids an outdoor activity they can share with their friends, and it also gives them a space to let their creative instincts loose. While an indoor art table is a good idea, it could cause a mess inside your home.   

Here are a few things to keep in mind:   

  • Use thicker acrylic boards, as thinner ones can crack easily. 
  • Avoid directly screwing the acrylic board to the wooden stand, as it will likely crack. Instead, drill holes and use washers.  
  • You’ll need an extended base for the stand so it doesn’t tip over. Kids can get plenty excited when the paint comes into the picture. You want a supporting structure that can contain the excitement.   
  • Consider how wide you want the acrylic canvass to be. If you plan on having play dates, it’s best to invest in wider ones so they can all simultaneously enjoy art.   

Again, this can be one of your DIY projects, or you may buy these in stores. You can also have it customed-built. This way, you can commission the work and assemble the acrylic easel home.    

Magnetic Board 

Magnetic boards are great educational tools and can also serve as a creative canvas for kids. This is an even more affordable play space element for your yard, as all you’ll need are a steel plate, a magnetic alphabet, and other magnetic toys you want to add.  

You can opt for a stand to hold the steel plate, akin to a portable blackboard, or set wooden posts into the ground. In addition, you can clamp illustration paper on the magnetic board to turn it into an easel.   


Sandpits allow for different types of play. It’s also a perfect project for parents with zero DIY experience. The basic materials and tools you need include: 

  • Shovel 
  • Sandbox sand (the number of bags depends on the size of the sand pit) 
  • Landscape fabric 

With these items, here’s a quick guide on how to create a sandpit:

  • Consider how many children will be playing in the sand pit and if there’s natural shade in the area.
  • When digging the hole, consider having different levels of depth to add variety to how the kids can play in the sandpit.
  • Once you reach your desired depth, cover the area with the landscape fabric.
  • Add the sand to let the fun begin.  

You can outline the sandpit with rocks and other aesthetic elements you want. Of course, the sand pit will only be complete with the requisite pails set, plastic shovels, scoopers, and toy trucks and tractors. This will give your kids a go-to play space, and it will also give your outdoor space character.     

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Inflatable Pool 

Kids can spend the entire day in the water. And with inflatable pools becoming increasingly affordable in online stores, this is an easy, cost-effective, and surefire way to level up the fun factor of your backyard. 

Inflatables are perfect during summer. Moreover, it’s convenient because you can put it away in storage if the weather gets colder or your kids aren’t interested in swimming. But, if you want a more permanent option, you can opt for tank pools. These are more expensive but can enhance your backyard’s aesthetic.  

Like most of the elements above, consider the number of kids who’ll be using the pool. The last thing you want is a bunch of kids fighting over pool space.   

Final Words 

As you can see, there are numerous ways you can amp up the fun in your backyard, whether through DIY projects or relatively affordable playground sets. Whichever features you add to your home, know that no one will be more excited than the kids. The laughs and constant smiles on their faces will be solid returns on your investment.  

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