How to Clean a Stubborn Scorched Pan in a Short Time?

We all know it’s just so hard to stick around the stove, all eyes on the pan. A phone call came, the baby cried, or you ran to take the dish out of the oven after it beeped. There you go!

The ugly burnt pan smiles wide at you.

No matter if it is stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, or aluminum pot or pan, the burns will be dealt with equally. 

Though, carbon steel pans are the ones that can take anything hard coming its way and still not leave the ground. 

So we understand that things happen in the kitchen but having the kind of cookware that keeps reviving is so crucial to grace your zeal for cooking.

Therefore, we recommend you to own the resilient, carbon steel pan. Here are the best recommendations by Kitcheniest.

6 useful ideas to clean a scorched pan

Here are a bunch of the traditionally celebrated most tested and tried hacks to clean your scorched or unwanted caked pan back to new.

1. The citric-y lemons

When life gives you lemons, use them to get rid of the scorched pan. To kick this method, take two or three lemons and cut them into quite thin slices. Cover the pan surface with a little water and set it on the flame. Fill the water with the sliced lemons and let the boil come over. Let it boil for straight five minutes. Finally, drain the water as well as the lemons. Rinse the pan. The concentration of citric acid in the lemons will not leave behind the need for exclusive scrubbing at the end, a major plus point. Just scrape a little with a wooden spatula at every boil.

2. The magical baking soda

There are several ways you can pair baking soda with some other picks to clean the scorched pan.

  •   Vinegar and baking soda: Take a few inches of relatively equal amounts of water and vinegar in the craving-to-be-cleaned pan. Let it work off the burnt layers on the stove over medium heat. Watch it boil. Another boil. Drain the solution and rinse the pan. Add a handful of baking soda to the surface and let it sit for some time. Now rub the baking soda and scratch away the remaining burnt-on bits.
  •   Aluminum foil and baking soda: This cleaning recipe involves two great cleaning agents. Layer the scorched pan with baking soda and add a little water to make the paste out of it. It should neither be too runny nor thick, quite in between. Take an aluminum foil and start scrubbing right on spot, where the burnt fractions have taken over the surface at large. Scrub, scrub and scrub. Don’t get violent out of the way. Rinse the pan afterward using soap and warm water.

3. The miraculous dryer sheet

Yes, take the dryer sheet out of the cabinet, not for baking this time. Pour a cup of warm water into the pan and splash some liquid soap as well. Place the dryer sheet on the surface and leave it to do the miracle. The miracle requires  1-hour at a minimum. It will soften the burnt residue which you can scrape off gently later.

clean a stubborn Scorched Pan2

4. The show of soda

Easy peasy, you can repeat the same above-mentioned process with soda as the substitute. Because you may run out of dryer sheets but you will always find any sort of soda in the refrigerator. Instead of a dryer sheet, add soda in the hot pan, not too hot, and let the carbonation take over it. Eventually, the grime will turn softer and you will be able to shake it off.

5. The daring dishwasher tablet

It’s about time you let those popular Finish Powerball Tablets work ahead of dishwasher machines. We are going to give the dishwasher tablet the authority of a scrubbing pad. Start with adding a cup of water to the unfortunate pan. Let it catch the heat over the stovetop for a minute or more. Remove it from there and scrub the dishwasher tablet on the burned surface. Keep scraping it on the greased surface and wherever you notice a scorched stain. Later soak some warm soapy water in it and scrub the surface again gently using a sponge to remove the loosened leftover. Finish the process with rinsing and drying.

6. The cream of tartar

The final plan is to bring into use the cream of tartar that must be present somewhere in your kitchen, on top shelves, or bottom cabinets. I found mine in the middle drawer. Oh, I was lucky enough to have it just for the sake of the experiment. Just add a tablespoon or two of it to the boiling water, wait some minutes, and rub the pan afterward. Rinse well.

Tip: Please avoid bringing in the operation the steel wool scrubber or anything too harsh that may mess up the surface of the pan while handling its burnt face.

Final thought

Remember, there is always an option of cutting the crap and swear by store-bought solutions from the earliest concern. You may come across Bar Keepers Friend, Carbon Off, and Bon Ami as the ultimate treatments from your acquaintances and internet. But, emphasizing it, again emphasizing it, it’s just money vs time. You can spend money and save time or vice versa. At best, sometimes, you can save both money and time. That’s the deal here. Happy go clean your favorite, or your mom’s favorite, pan.

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