How to Clean a Garbage Disposal?


Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal and garbage can, to clean them use baking soda and coffee beans.
Natural remedies to eliminate dirt and odors

The garbage bin should be washed with water and lemon. But vinegar is also very useful. Always change the bag when it is full.

A nauseating smell and a sense of dirt

Keeping all the smart garbage disposal clean and perfumed (especially those related to damp) that we have at home is an essential requirement, above all because they are often located in the kitchen, a place where hygiene is absolutely mandatory.

How To Clean The Bin

There are several natural methods thanks to which cleaning the bins becomes an easy and inexpensive operation, to be practiced as often as possible. Let’s see together what they are:
How To Clean The Bin
First of all, when you change the bag , which is now full, dust the bottom of the dustbin with baking soda and insert a little into the new bag (preferably biodegradable, than those in the supermarket): baking soda neutralizes any odor.

  • Coffee beans are also very useful for eliminating the effluvia. Put a handful in a bag to keep close to the dustbin: they will absorb the fumes and spread a pleasant coffee aroma.
  • If you want to clean and deodorize the bin thoroughly, wash it with water and then, once cleaned, rub lemon slices along the walls: ascorbic acid absorbs the smell and gives a fresh fragrance.
  • If you cannot wash the bins frequently (especially the wet garbage cans), line them with newspaper that absorbs any spillage and prevents the spread of unpleasant odors.
  • If you have expanded clay in your home, the residue of your gardening work, use it also for the damp garbage can, putting a layer on the bottom of it: the clay absorbs liquids and odors.
  • If you have a cat at home, use the sand you put in its litter box to place it on the bottom of the bucket: it retains moisture, absorbs odors and allows you to clean the bin more easily.
  • To thoroughly clean the dustbin, prepare a mixture of 400 ml of vinegar diluted in liter of water and wash the bin. Pour the remaining liquid into the bucket, let it work for a while, then rinse and let it dry in the open air.

As for the bins for the separate collection of paper, plastic , glass and cans , the important thing is to wash them to eliminate all food residues that not only dirty the containers but, by decomposing, they detach a strong bad smell.

Very Effective Natural Remedies For Cleaning The House:

Very Effective Natural Remedies For Cleaning The House

  • House cleaning with lemon: from the kitchen to the washing machine. Up to metal care
  • DIY detergents with citric acid: many effective preparations, perfect for home cleaning
  • Lisciva ash: how to prepare it at home and tips for using it in household cleaning
  • Dry clean at home: with carbonated water, baking soda and white wine vinegar (photo)

Natural homemade detergents: effective and low cost products, from the degreaser to the do-it-yourself wax

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