How to Choose the Suitable Travel Nurse Agency


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Travel nursing jobs have witnessed a lot of demand recently. The opportunities are lucrative, but the decision must be precise. Before diving right in, one should know everything associated with the job. The first thing to do is look at the various travel nurse agencies to find the right one. Determining the best organization to work with might take some research but is indeed worthy. 

Some agencies offer job opportunities in locations like Akron, Albuquerque, Burlington, etc., depending on the availability. You will also find that some agencies work with advocates instead of recruiters to provide the best opportunities to the nurses. One can expect an average weekly pay of around $3k. 

Things to Look For

Volume and Variety of Jobs 

You will likely receive more job opportunities when the agency has more contracts. It is wise to enquire about the agency’s travel contracts and the cities they operate. The contract generally ranges from 4-26 weeks and can be more on several occasions. An organization must have a variety of assignments with top facilities. If the nurse is specialized in a particular field, it is advised to talk about the exceptional opportunities in the specific arena. 

Industry Expertise 

The travel nurse agencies market is competitive. The agencies tested and stood for quite some time now have better opportunities. What gives them an edge is knowledge, experience, and connections in the industry. The recruiters can use their expertise to place the nurses in their ideal profiles. Training the new staff and supporting them becomes more convenient. It is suggested to opt for organizations that have years of experience. Furthermore, finding a versatile way to attain the required continuing education (CE) credits while traveling is essential for all nurses, especially traveling nurses. A nurse can grab the best opportunity by choosing the right organization. 

Exclusive Contracts 

Certain agencies have exclusive contracts at reputed hospitals and medical centers. Assignments like these can help shape the career effectively and obtain quality experience. There are many benefits of travel nursing contracts both financially and career-wise. However, it is important to find good agencies that can provide noteworthy assignments. The agencies that hold service agreements with the hospitals have added benefits. The nurse gets an option to choose from the top assignments and crack the right deal. The contract should make you feel confident about the position and make the most out of it. 

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Extensive Benefits 

In most cases, the agencies list average pay rates. However, that can be referred to as the average compensation and differs from the actual contract amount. Some contracts are taxable, while others may not. So, take some time to ask and get the queries cleared. The best agencies will provide an excellent package, including medical insurance, dental perks, paid travel costs, life insurance policies, free housing, free courses, several retirement benefits, etc. Do not forget to check on the coverage and the guaranteed hours. 

On-job Support 

Travel nurses must ask if the agency will be available for support during the assignment. So, ask the recruiters about their support structure. Will they be able to solve the issues and queries during the job? Do not forget to enquire about the housing and licensing experts that can help you move to another state. An organization that answers a ‘yes’ to these questions is the one that deserves all your attention. 

Bottom Line 

The search to find the right travel nurse agency must begin with referrals from friends and colleagues who have worked in a similar environment. Read the testimonial on the agency website and social media pages to better understand the services provided. Opt for a travel nurse agency that offers quality placements and on-job support. Find an agency that you can trust with your travel nurse journey. The package should make you excited and prepare you for the journey ahead. So, start looking for top organizations and pick the best one. And if you’re still in need of getting your nursing degree so that you can travel as a nurse, look into various options before enrolling in a program.

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