How to Choose the Right Hardwood Floor Style & Colour

Renovate With Flying Colours

Choosing hardwood floors is a great step towards upgrading the overall aesthetic of your home. Not only does it look spectacular, but it can also increase the value of your property. Since installing hardwood floors is a relatively big renovation project, you’ll want to ensure you get everything right the first time — including the colours. In this article, we’ll explore factors to consider when choosing a hardwood floor colour.

Read The Room

The layout of any room should definitely be considered when choosing the colour of your hardwood floor. The size of a room and the amount of lighting it receives are also very important factors to keep in mind.

  • For large, wide rooms you may want to think about warm or darker tones. These can help big open spaces feel cozier, while also adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Conversely, lighter coloured hardwoods, like beige or light oak, can offer a sense of natural openness to smaller or more cramped rooms.
  • Lighting is another crucial factor. It’s best to test out samples at multiple times of the day to see how they appear in different periods of lighting. For rooms that receive limited amounts of light, lighter floor colours may work better to brighten the space up.

Hardwood Floor Style & Colour1

Think About Your Decor

In addition to the size and natural lighting of the rooms in your home, you’ll want to think about your decor choices. The colours, furniture and other decorative pieces in a room should all be complemented and contrasted by your new hardwood floor.

  • The colour of your hardwood floor does not necessarily need to match your furniture or walls. Too much matching can make the room look cluttered, so opt for a more contrasted look and feel.
  • Think about your overall aesthetic. Red tones generally bring a sense of luxury and pair well with heavy, colonial decor, while brown tints are best matched with country-style interiors.
  • Try not to base your hardwood flooring choice on an empty room. Ultimately, you will want all the aspects of your room to work harmoniously together, rather than being applied separately.

Hardwood Floor Style & Colour2

Mind The Maintenance

You’ll want your floors to last a long time, so it’s crucial to consider how different hardwood colours will affect floor upkeep and maintenance.

  • Dirt and other marks will tend to be more visible on lighter coloured woods. While not necessarily a dealbreaker, it’s worth considering that these colours will require a little more energy in terms of cleaning.
  • In high-traffic areas of your home, scratches and dents to the hardwood floor will be inevitable. If you’d like to be able to hide these imperfections, choose a natural colour hardwood without a glossy finish. The scratches and dents will look more natural.
  • There’s always the option to paint. If you end up wanting to revamp your hardwood floor, a new paint job can be a great way to reinstate a look of sophistication — and change up your options. The floor is your canvas.

Colour Yourself Ready

Now you should be all set to head to your hardwood supplier and start picking out the flooring that works best for your home or room. From room size, to lighting, to decor and upkeep, there are certainly a few things to keep in mind. Once you’ve given them all some thought, your dream flooring will start coming together.

Visit your nearest flooring supplier to explore hardwood flooring options for your next renovation project.

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