How To Choose Granite Countertops For Your Kitchen

Granite is a great choice as a kitchen countertop that has a great impact for a number of reasons. As you have already come to admire it so you must know why it is the right choice for your kitchen surface. But the things you need to know how to choose one of them out of many varieties like the patterns, colors, and the pricing.

In this article, we will let you know some surefire tips so you can easily come to detect your preference out of it.

What are Granite countertops?

Granite is a great meeting substance that comes with a variety of colors. It comes to the first in your preference for the natural earth crust product and it is a hard surface like a kitchen countertop. Good shape and color of granite collection will make your kitchen decor. Besides, it is scratch-resistant so you can use your kitchen cutting, heating, and much more tough stuff within this. Surprisingly, these won’t come to effect on the granite countertops.

How to Choose the Right Granite for Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops come with a wide range of choices and one should buy it from a reputed vendor like Granite Brothers. Since, one may become confused to fix his or her mind, here are some following guidelines on how you can choose the right granite for kitchen countertops.

01. Choose between dark and light Granite:

Choose between dark and light Granite

While choosing a granite countertop, you will first fix your mind either in the dark or in the light pattern. Here is a tricky part come to choose between them. Normally, the dark is good for the spacious kitchen, where you will have enough sun-light. On the flip side, the light granite would be the best choice when you have a small kitchen space also when it doesn’t have the proper sunlight. Therefore, your kitchen will seem spacious and feels natural. There are so many best places you will find to bring granite countertops, among them, Granite Brothers In Worcester, has so many positive reviews as a great vendor.

02. Granite countertops come to match with the cabinets:

Before buying it, you must make sure whether it comes to match with the cabinets or not. Hence, you can do two things, one is to pair the countertops with the cabinet color or pair it with the marbling and veining. In that case, make sure the countertop color and the cabinet both have the same color as the darker veining.

03. Go for a unique Granite pattern:

Choosing a unique pattern is admirable to the neighbors and visitors. To choose it, you must know that granite normally comes in three common patterns, they are Speckled, marbled and solid form. If you don’t want to be confused in the diverse pattern then choose from the solid pattern as it comes with limited choices. At the same time, it seems like a good choice for a small kitchen. On the flip side, the Marbled granite comes with a more smoother transition within color and texture. Lastly, the speckled granite is the popular choice in regards to having a lot of variations based on texture and colors.

04. Choose between Slab or Tile Granite:

Finally, you need to make sure whether you should go for the slab granite or tile one. If you are in a limited budget then the tile granite countertops ease you within more budget-oriented choice at the same time they will be durable too. Besides, you can also install the solid slab granite countertop but they are the most expensive in regards to the labor and materials.


If you choose granite as your kitchen countertops then make sure it must be sealed properly so that it can avoid stains. On the other hand, granite countertops are by default heavy so your cabinet boxes have to be supportive to weigh this. You may need to spend like $40 to $100 dollar for the per square feet installment. Try to make sure from where you will buy it like the best vendor Granite Brothers in Worcester Ma

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