A Few Things You Could do with Your Oscillating Multi-Tool

If you do not already own an oscillating tool such as the type you find in a Ryobi-multi tool review, you should get one right away. This tool is the fusion of a sander, saw, grinder, and scrapper in one body. Not only does it do these things, but it does them in very difficult places thus making hitherto difficult jobs to complete becoming easier. Furthermore, the different types of attachment to this for this tool keep increasing thus allowing for increased application with materials such as copper, steel, aluminum, soft tile, hard tile, softwood, plastics, and hardwood.

Here are a few things you could do with your oscillating multi-tool and we do hope they help out in your next DIY project:

Plunge cuts In your decking

Plunge cuts In your decking

Plunge cuts can be quite difficult and dangerous to execute and it is even more complex if you are using a conventional tool. A good multi-tool on the other hand should make it quite easier and safer even when dealing with harder materials such as a decking board.

Trimming screws and pipes

With the right blade, a multi-tool can easily become the laborer or plumber’s best friend. It should help you easily cut through copper, plastic, and metal. You could also use it to cut through excess screws that should ordinarily be an eyesore. Due to the portable and compact nature of a multi-tool, it makes tight spaces and awkward angles quite easy to navigate.

Cutting openings

You can also use a multi-tool to cut out openings in a dry wall. You should be able to easily get a perfect square cut using this tool if you follow the right instructions.

Furniture sanding

Furniture sanding
If you are looking to sand wood in a smooth manner, then a multi-tool should come in handy. A number of people who already have one may not even be using them to their full capacity. The simple reality is that using an orbital sander of palm sander may not be the ideal route to take for cutting furniture into nice shapes.

Eliminating rust

By using a sanding pad you should be able to clean rust from all mistreated metals. For instance, you could make use of a multi-tool to clean up the rest that exists on an old garden tool thus getting them back to their original state.

Eliminating mortar

You can remove mortar by attaching a carbide grit grasp to the tool which should give you a mortar grinder. You should be able to eliminate a hardened thin-set mortar from the tile you seek to restore.


Having the right tool for the job at hand certainly has a way of making all the positive difference. An Oscillating multi-tool should be an easy pick for people who need such a line of tools. Are you doing a tile job, kitchen job, bathroom renovation? Then this the right tool for you as it is cost-effective and quite efficient for its size

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