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How to Choose a Murphy Bed

How to Choose a Murphy Bed

Thanks to all the advancements in medicine and nutrition, the world’s population has been growing at a rapid rate. While it is true that there are a lot of cities that do not have the same density as some. The chances are, you probably have to live in, or at the very least work in one of them. People will naturally converge into one place for a lot of reasons. Even the earliest civilization of Mesopotamia had its citizens instinctively live beside each other.

While the people around the world start to live closer to one another, the major cities and its infrastructure are struggling to keep up. Everyone looking to kick off their career in a big city knows exactly how difficult it is especially if you have to start from the ground up. Looking for a decent neighborhood with a reasonable commute is tough enough, looking for a place which has comfortable space can be near impossible. And that is why the Murphy bed came into being.

Technology helped us in so many ways. Humanity owes its huge leap from the industrial age into the digital age from the invention of the computer. However, we forget how some non-electronic simple solutions actually saved us more times than we care to give attention to. Like the Murphy bed, the water hose, rubberized wheel, and even the ironing board are all inventions deserving of its own merit.

In this article, we will guide you in choosing a Murphy Bed. Be it to save space, to tidy up, or if you just love the feeling of cranking a lever down at the end of the day, there is always a Murphy bed that is just right for you.

The Murphy Bed Breakdown


There are a lot of different kinds of Murphy beds. It might surprise you how many styles and options are currently available for you to choose from. Of course, this variety is due to particular niche requirements that they have to fill. So, if you feel like your situation might be a bit too specific, then you have no reason to fear. You will get a Murphy bed installed on your abode in no time at all.

Opening and Closing a Murphy Bed

A Murphy Bed’s most distinctive feature is the way it opens and closes. You could say that this is the bread and butter of the Murphy bed. When the bed is not needed or if the space the bed is taking up is needed for something else, the Murphy bed can be cranked up and folded into a wall thereby vacating the space it once consumed. What the bed will fold into is a different matter. But we are going to talk about how it is folded first.

As mentioned, how a Murphy bed folds is at the core of that Murphy bed’s specific design. You can never give this too much thought considering all the other factors that depend on this. For instance, its ease of use and safety can be greatly affected by how it performs this function.

Generally, there are two types of Murphy Ben opening and closing mechanisms: the piston lift and the spring lift.

Piston Lift Murphy Bed


The Piston lift mechanism is perhaps the more common of the two. The design is also considered more complicated and thus a bit more pricey. This intricacy allows this type of Murphy bed some extra features that are only available to it.

One of the features of a piston lift Murphy bed that makes it particularly popular is its whisper quiet opening and closing. Who does not want a little bit of peace and quiet now and then. Noting that Murphy beds are normally installed in crowded and overpopulated blocks, it might come as no surprise that some actually want that one small space that they have for themselves to be as free from noise as possible. That sharp tang that jolts you up in the morning is not exactly pleasant to a newly awakened ear.

There are some however, that would prefer beds to be a bit more noisy. They say that the creaking sound when they crank the bed up and down is as satisfying as popping plastic bubble wraps. And the thud the Murphy bed makes as it crashes down the floor, albeit annoying to your next door neighbors, is cathartic to some. Nothing says you won like heavy furniture crashing down from your own bare hands.

Another reason why the piston lift Murphy bed is particularly popular is because it is built to last. Albeit Murphy beds are generally considered as uncomplicated contraption, repairing it will cost you a decent amount of money. This is the reason why even the most cash-strapped workers do not mind investing on these kinds of Murphy beds. If you doubt the durability of piston lift Murphy bed, consider the fact that most models that use this mechanism actually offer lifetime guarantees.

Spring Lift Murphy Bed


On the other side of the Murphy Bed choosing debacle, is the spring lift murphy bed. This mechanism negates the positives from the piston lift murphy bed. However the spring life Murphy bed is not without its merits.

The first concern that many people point out is just how loud it is. This is of course addressed by people who have already switched to the piston lift murphy bed. The loud sound can become quite annoying the first few weeks you use it but you can get used to it at some points. And while we are talking about it, you should hope that your neighbors do too.

Spring lift Murphy beds are also notorious for needing more maintenance compared to the piston lift. Some parts will naturally get looser the longer the bed is in use and the more times it is closed and opened. You can fix this by being a bit more careful when opening and closing the bed so that the parts will not wear out too fast.

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