How to Choose a Lock for a Storage Unit?

Security is always a major concern in all households. People in the world use a storage unit for various reasons. Sometimes they need to shift their house or need to store their valuables item, or they have not enough space in the house to store some extra or seasonal items. After selecting the storage unit, sometimes the storage unit holder gives us the option to use our own locks. But most of the time storage unit holder locks the storage unit from their end. In both cases, the lock for the storage unit plays a vital role to secure your unit.

Now the question is that there are many types of lock for storage unit available in the market. Among all types of lock which lock can serve your purpose and which lock can protect your unit form thieves.

What should you look into the lock?

Shackle thickness:

Shackle thickness

Shackle thickness is very important. The thickness the shackle is reducing the chance of cutting the lock. If the shackle is not thick, the thieves can easily cut it by bolt cutters.12 mm security shackle is the standard size and this sized shackle works great against lockout activates.8 mm to 12mm considers medium security shackle. Below 8 mm is considered as a low-security shackle.

The padlock is the most common types of lock used in the storage unit. A padlock has an outer casing and a shackle to lock this lock. Both the outer casing and the shackle are hard enough to cut by a lock cutter. You can get more info about best padlock lock for a storage unit at storagefact. The padlock is generally two types. 1. Open shackle padlock and 2. Closed shackle padlock

Lock Materials:

There are different types of materials are used for making the lock. All these material are not the same. Some materials are very hard to cut. Some materials are not enough strong.


It is one of the best lock making materials. It is mainly used to make padlock. The lock which made by Molybdenum is expensive compared to other types of lock. It is non-corrosive as well.


It is types of steel. But this steel is no corrosive and strong. It is also a common material for making g a lock.


Brass is also used to make different types of lock. But this material is not expensive. And it is not strong enough to save your store from the thieves.

Solid steel: Solid steel is durable than brass. It also can resist lock cutting attempt. It is commonly used to make padlock.


You should purchase the lock which can save your unit from theft. But in some cases budget is not important. But for a low-value item and less risky area, you can buy a normal lock for your storage unit.

Size of lock:

Size of lock
Big locks are not always performing better than small locks. Additionally, you have to think about the free space of locking area. If you purchase an extra big lock which will need a lot of space in the locking area. But there is not enough space to keep the lock.

Key option:

Some locks offer a normal key. Some locks offer Bluetooth and fingerprint option for you. So you need to think according to your requirement.

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