How to Change Your Address Quickly While You Are Moving?

It is important to notify others regarding your latest address while you have moved to a new residence in another locality to save yourself from missing bills, bank statements or your favorite monthly subscription books. Plus, you have to update your change of address as soon as you have settled down in the new abode to help your well-wishers and friends reach you through mails or invitations to invite you for a big occasion of theirs. You need to be very organized while trying to notify your change of address to make the process a much simpler one.

How to Draw a List for Change of Address?

Draw a List for Change of Address

The first step of notifying various sources about your move is to draw a list that prioritizes the persons and services you must inform about your new home address. You should make a comprehensive list that consists of only a few important names of individuals and services to stay in touch with your outside world. The list you prepare should have the details of government agencies for US Mailing Change of Address like the Post Office, DMV, USPS, Internal Revenue Service, etc. Then proceed to include the educational organizations like colleges or schools where your children have enrolled, medical contacts including family doctor, child specialist, dentist, dermatologist, optometrist and so on. You can also add the names of the law moving service and house cleaning service to get work done quickly. The later section of the list must feature your immediate friends and workmates whom will be happy with your moving decision.

What Should You Do?

Even though many would advise you to fulfill the COA or change of address by applying at the US Postal Service two weeks before you have scheduled the move, you can also submit even before 3 months. This will help you get all the priority mails as well as the first class mails to your latest home address for 12 months without any charge. You can also receive your periodicals for 3 months’ time. It is important to change your address at the earliest, as this process will take a while for updating your old address with the new one.
How to Make an Address Change Effectively

How to Make an Address Change Effectively?

If you are busy with a tight work schedule or suffering from a serious medical condition that requires you to avoid the strain involved in standing in long queues, then it would be a wise decision to approach a service that specializes in helping you update your new address with the USPS without any strain. They will offer excellent assistance and support to change your address easily with the IRS, DMV or USPS. They are expert in offering timely guidance and would also help you by offering useful materials like eBook and checklist for free to make every moving process and change of address process a very simpler and easier task. There is no need to face the hassles involved in the change of address from the previous to existing address when you avail their expert services.

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