How to Carve Out another Room in Your House

At some point in time, the need to create another room within your home may arise. Situations and circumstances may trigger such a decision. For instance, during times like this, whereby the present pandemic, COVID-19, has hit us so hard that more than 70% of workers have been forced to work from their homes. To curb distractions from your kids, you may be forced to carve out another room within your home. Also, in a situation whereby you see the need to have another room where your kids can study and learn, you wouldn’t want to buy another house because of that. You will be left with no other choice but to create another room within your house. Many more situations may call for space, and the economical solution will be to build mini rooms within your home.

You can creatively eke out an extra room without totally altering your home plan by following these examples.

Add an Extra Space Upstairs


Sometimes, in the quest for more living space, the best place to consider is “up.” While you consider adding an extra room upstairs, you must also consider accessibility and safety. You will have to create a way to form a ladder or staircase to get to space you newly created. For instance, if you use a staircase, you would need to make it covered and guided to prevent you from falling.

Convert the Basement

That extra space you’ve always needed is sometimes right under your feet.  Although basement conversions are usually the most expensive remodeling options, it has gained a lot of popularity in urban locations. If your basement is cold and hardly gets used, you can transform it into a comfortable in-house office where you perform remote assignments.

Create Extensions


You can create another room for your guests by adding extensions to your home. This is one of the cheapest ways you can make another room in your home.” Home extensions give you a great opportunity to reimagine your home and get the extra space you’ve always wanted, and this whole process can be super affordable if you partner with the right professional.” – say experts from Solid Construction & Design

Convert Your Garage

Instead of storing unused and worthless items in your garage, you can add more value to your home by creating a room from the garage. You do not need a staircase during the conversion process because the garage is an easily accessible location within the house.

Consider Creating a Space Under the Stairs

This space is often neglected. However, it can provide a lot of space that you’ve always wanted. It can be an excellent spot for keeping some home cleaning equipment such as mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners, scrub brushes, etc. Even a shelf for books will sit well there. Painting its walls with a bright color will also make it more attractive. It is straightforward and cheap to eke out space because you might need only wood to create a stunning workspace.

Convert Unused Guestroom


The novel coronavirus has made everyone embrace working from home. However, to avoid distractions, you might want to create the office environment you are used to. An unused guest room within your house will make up for your home office. To maximize space, you might tuck the bed against the wall since it will not be useful. Your guest room will, therefore, serve a dual purpose.

Make Use of the Hallway

The space found in a long empty-walled walkway can be transformed into a learning spot. You can construct a long desk with some chairs there. Your kids will find this place useful whenever they want to learn, study, or do their school assignments. This kind of setup will keep the space in your home from looking cluttered.

Use That Abandoned Corner


Abandoned corners are found most times in the living room. An unused corner has the potential of being transformed into an office space. By enclosing the area in a glass, ensures privacy and freedom at the same time. You won’t have the feeling of being confined in a very tight corner. The use of floating shelves also helps you maximize that abandoned space in your living room.

Finally, home remodeling is something you may need to do at some point in time, especially if you are looking to increase your home’s value or create more space for important things or people. In this case,  you can consider a home additions project or the other options that we have provided for you in this article if you need to create extra space in your house.

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