How To Care For Plantation Shutters

Quality plantation shutters are an investment to a home. Not only do they provide style and comfort to a home, but they also increase its resale value and cut on energy bills. Two of the most popular types of plantation shutters are the faux and genuine wood shutters, which when well taken care of, can last for a very long time. Although taking care of these shutters might look like a daunting job, rest assured that it is relatively easy and you can do it by yourself.

Since the good plantation shutters don’t come cheap, you will want them to look as good as possible for as long as possible. A crucial part of this is keeping these shutters clean. The buildup of dust on the shutters destroys the sheen which makes the material lose its shine and luster. By regularly dusting and cleaning, you can keep them shiny and youthful.

So, if you’re looking for affordable plantation shutters online, check out how you should care for your plantation shutters.

Cleaning Real Wood Plantation Shutters


The means of cleaning plantation shutters often depends on the materials used. Shutters that are made of genuine wood are often given a coating of high-quality varnish to keep it looking shiny and glossy. As such, pouring water should not be done to clean these shutters since it will often cause damage to the wood or warp it. So, you should make sure to use some wood polish at least while dusting the shutters. This will restore that shine and healthy look while also making it a lot easier for the next dust. If your shutters have crevices or several grooves, use a toothbrush to reach all those corners for a more wholesome polish.

Cleaning Faux Plantation Shutters

The other most common type of plantation shutters is faux; they aren’t made of organic material. Instead, they use one form of vinyl or the other depending on the desired quality of the final product. In a dusty environment, these plantation shutters need dusting and cleaning about twice per week. If you have a vacuum cleaner it will come in very handy since the soft end of the vacuum cleaner can efficiently dust. While doing this, it’s important to remember to clean both sides of the slats and also the top and bottom.

  • Use soap and water

Due to the waterproof nature of vinyl, it is safe to use soap and water while cleaning these shutters. For people who want to give it that deep scrub, you can use a combination of the softest water possible and mild dish soap. This will, of course, give you a sudsy cleaning solution. You can then use a soft cloth to wipe down the shutters. You will then use the second piece of cloth and dampen it with only water to wipe away any residual soap residues. If as a decorative measure you have some crevices or grooves, also make sure to reach those areas. If the cloth won’t do, a toothbrush will probably do the trick.


You might be tempted to use all-purpose cleaners, but it would be a bad idea since it might be too harsh on the plantation shutters causing them to discolor or stain. It’s important to remember also to towel off any remaining droplets of water so that you avoid spotting. This can, of course, be simply done with a paper towel. However, it’s important to remember that quality matters above all. By only dealing with professionals, you can get the best shutters on the market with original warranties.

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