How to Buy a Better Mattress: Tips from the Pros!

Walking into a mattress showroom, you are likely accompanied by an over enthusiastic salesman who wants you to buy the most expensive mattress on their stocks.

He (or she) will ask you to try and lie down on it and feel all the said life-changing benefits. However, lying down on a mattress for a few seconds in public and under fluorescent lights and the attentive eye of a sales representative will not give you a true impression of what the mattress will feel like at home.

With countless material configurations and hundreds of manufacturers to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where you can start looking.

Here are some tips on how you can buy the right mattress for you:

1. Know your Size

You do not necessarily need to stick to the same size as the mattress as the one that you are replacing. Perhaps it is a great idea to get a king size when your whole family piled into the bed during Sunday morning fun and cartoons or sharing a bed with a really adorable dog like your Great Dane or St. Bernard.

Or maybe your children are now older and your new dog is a beagle or a corgi, then you can gain quite a lot by downsizing your mattress to a full or queen size. Perhaps you are moving out on your own and it is the perfect time for something no bigger than a twin. Whatever the circumstances always think about your current lifestyle before you head out to shop for a new mattress.

2. How Firm Do You Like It?

The industry of mattress does not have a general measurement for a mattress firmness. This could mean that one manufacturer’s “firm” can be another manufacturer’s “extra firm”. So, try to use such descriptive terms only as a guideline and not an absolute decision. This is a reason why you will need to try the mattress before you can buy.

How Firm Do You Like It

Moreover, do not assume that if you have an aching back means that you need to go to an extra firm mattress or that a softer mattress will be much comfortable. Know that most people sleep best on mattresses that are somewhere in the middle, yet closer to firm instead of soft.

3. Have a Generous Budget

The best mattress is not cheap, however, a positive mood and a good health are priceless. While you should never try to go beyond what you can afford— this is one time where it pays to splurge just a little bit.

Remember that you are going to spend about a third of your time on that mattress, so better make those hours count and valuable. Isn’t it worth cutting back on unnecessary expenses if it means that you can drift off to dreamland comfortably and much easily, then wake up feeling really amazing? Yes, a good mattress is that important!

4. Watch Out For Gimmicks

There are some sellers of mattress who will label their mattresses as “medically-approved” or “orthopedic”. However, know that there are no such organizations that officially certifies mattresses to carry such labels. Some mattresses might have orthopedic-friendly features, however, no medical group has verified such claims.

5. Adjustable Beds Are a Good Options

If you are more comfortable sitting in a recliner than lying down, then try an adjustable bed. These will allow you to elevate your knees and head slightly in order to relieve pressure on your lower back.


6. Pillow Tops Are Not For Everyone

Very lightweight individuals do not need a big thick pillow top mattress since they do not weight enough in order to compress the foam to touch the underlying support or coil system. On the other hand, individuals who are heavier or larger tend to be more comfortable with a bit of extra cushion between them and the coil systems.

The Best Mattress is a Personal Choice

Regardless of the following tips that I have listed here, the right mattress for you is your personal choice. These tips will only serve as your guideline in order to narrow down your options when buying your new, better mattress.

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