How to Build a Home Security Camera System?


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In the world of technology, the security cams have changed the face of household security for good. No longer do you need to be in constant worry about your household safety because the security camera system got that covered.

As you know your home is in constant threat from thieves. And someone can’t stay at home forever, right? But a security camera system on your home can help you keep watch over your home. It also gets notified if something happens. 

Nowadays, keeping an eye on your household is a necessity. A home security camera is the best investment you can make to keep an eye on your house constantly. If you know your way around the cables, then you don’t have to pay the installation fee as well.

And of course, in the following segment, we’ll discuss the essential steps to install the security camera system in your home.

What Do You Need To Build A Home Security Camera System?

Undoubtedly, the security camera system has become an essential part of our household nowadays. Also, these cameras are available in different price ranges. And you can have the best home security camera system under 200.

To set up a proper home security system, you must get all the necessary pieces of equipment before you begin the process. Otherwise, you won’t be able to complete the process correctly. Having said that, let’s have a quick look over the equipment you’ll need to build a security system for your house.

Indoor & Outdoor IP Cameras

The first and primary component for your security camera system is to get a few IP cameras. Yes, you can get analog cameras but these cameras don’t compare well with modern society’s security system. 

Also, these analog cameras co-op well with capturing high resolution. Whereas, IP cameras can easily capture high-resolution footage even in the dark. 

Networking Video Recording(NVR)

Next, you’ll need an NVR device. It’s a footage recording device that records and stores your video footage. You can re-watch those recordings at any time of your choosing. NVR devices also come with a storage device within, but with extra bucks.

Router & Internet Connection

A router and good internet connection are a must if you want constant surveillance around your home. Without a good internet connection, you can’t stream live footage from the security cameras.

Storage Drives

You’ll need a good quality storage device for recording the footage from the cameras. Yes, you can indeed get a storage device within the NVR device. However, this storage cost extra but doesn’t provide a good quality storage device. To keep your recorded footage safely and secured you must get a good storage device.


A monitor is also required, to view live footage from your household security system. If you don’t have one, you don’t have to spend much money on it. You can get a second hand monitor from retailer stores for 20 bucks.

Ethernet Cables(Cat-5)

To connect the NVR to the router, you’ll need a few metres of ethernet cables(Cat-5). Although you can establish a wireless connection between the NVR device and the router. 

However, the wireless connection has a chance of causing connection disruptions from time to time. To get an uninterrupted connection between the two of them you should use a weird connection. 


If you wish to recode the audio then you can get a microphone with each camera system. It’ll allow the camera system to record video with audio.

How To Plan Your Home’s Security Camera System?

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Now that you have your necessary pieces of equipment ready, it’s time to plan where you’re going to set up your home’s surveillance system. Remember a well-oiled plan is what makes a DIY work successful. 

Otherwise, you might waste money on security equipment that you don’t even need. Although figuring that out can be difficult, however with a few simple tips it will be much easier. 

Let’s have a look at those tips below, shall we?

  • To get an overall idea, you should draw a general outline of what your house looks like from above. It’ll help you decide how many cameras you’ll need both indoors and outdoors.
  • From there you need to consider the cameras’ locations. It should be like each camera can cover the other’s blind spot. 
  • Also, remember to cover the important place that has a higher chance of being in threat. You should mount the camera in a high enough place where it isn’t easily accessible. 
  • Keep the NVR device in a secured location to which only your trusted individuals have access. You should not leave it lying around in a high-traffic area.
  • While mounting the outdoor IP cameras, you should decide the mount location according to your household structure. In doing so you’ll have an idea about how much ethernet cable you’re going to need.

Essential Steps To Building A Home Security Camera System.

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After planning every detail on how you’re going to mount the cameras indoors and outdoors. Now it is time to make it into reality. But first, for successful completion, you should gather up the equipment you’ll need. Such as:

  • A ladder.
  • A drilling machine
  • Screwdriver.

Now that you have your things, let’s begin building your home security camera system.

Step-1: Install The NVR Device

First, you must install the NVR device in a location. Insert the external storage device into the NVR. to do that follow the given instructions:

  • Open the back panel of the NVR device with a screwdriver.
  • Place the storage device inside and connect the ports.
  • Close up the back panel after properly inserting the storage device.

Step-2: Mounting The Cameras Indoors

Place the base of the cameras on the indoor walls, and mark the location. Then drill each marker with a drilling machine. After that place the anchor into the drill holes.

Palace the cameras in the same marking point then screw them in place. Then position the cameras according to your need.

Step-3: Connect The Indoor Camera To The NVR Device

After mounting the cameras on the indoor walls, then take the ethernet cables and first connect them to the camera and then to the NVR device. 

Step-4 Mount The Outdoor Cameras

Take the cameras that you are going to use outdoors. Use a ladder to climb up the roof and mount each camera on your chosen location. 

Step-5: Connect The Outdoors Cameras To The NVR Device.

Then connect the ethernet cables to the outdoor cams and after that connect those cables to the NVR device.

Note– Before using the ladder while mounting the outdoor cams make sure you place the ladder in a secured place.

Final Considerations

As you know, to ensure your home’s security 24/7 you must install security cameras. And nowadays security cameras have developed mobile apps. With it, you can monitor your home even from your mobile device.

To build a proper security system, remember to plan how you’ll mount each camera as we discussed earlier. And then follow the steps to mount the cameras and ensure your household security 24/7.

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