6 Tricks for Making Your Plaster Last Longer


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Plaster is a great material to use in the home. It’s durable, affordable and easy to apply. But there are ways to make plaster last longer than you might think. One way is finding the best plaster supplies in Melbourne and the other one is getting your hand on these 6 tricks for making your plaster last longer.

  • Apply Multiple Layers

One of the best ways to make plaster last longer is to apply multiple layers. This will help strengthen the plaster and make it more resistant to cracks and other forms of damage over time. It also improves its durability by adding an extra layer of protection against moisture, which can cause cracks in drywall. Putty all holes and cracks in the wall before you start applying the skim coat of plaster. This will help seal any gaps that might allow moisture to seep in behind your walls, which could cause mold or mildew growth. Use flashing around all windows and doors before applying the finish coat of plaster, which will protect those areas from moisture damage over time.

  • Use a Moisture Barrier

Drywall is often installed directly over framing lumber that can absorb moisture from the air during the construction process, which can cause moisture buildup inside your walls over time if not properly addressed early on in the project. To prevent this from happening, install a moisture barrier between your framing lumber and drywall before installing any additional layers of drywall or other wall covering materials like ceramic tile or wood paneling over top of it later on during construction or remodeling projects around your house or office building that require new drywall installation as part of their design plans for improvement purposes only!

  • Use a High-Quality Sealer

Plaster is soft and porous by nature, which means that it can easily be damaged by moisture and dirt. A sealer will help protect the plaster from water damage and prevent stains from setting in. It’s also important that you only use a high-quality sealer that will last. If possible, ask your contractor for recommendations or look for products that have proven performance records with other homeowners or contractors in your area.

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  • Keep Your Plaster Dry

Water is the enemy of plaster because it can cause it to crack and crumble over time. Don’t allow water to sit on the surface of your walls or ceiling for long periods of time (such as during showers). If you have leaks in your home, make sure they are fixed as soon as possible so that water doesn’t get into the plaster itself.

  • Use a paint primer

If you’re painting over existing plaster, you should always use a primer first. This will help prevent the paint from cracking or flaking off in the future. You can also use primer on drywall before painting if you’re having trouble with cracks or other issues.

  • Sand down the surface

In order to prevent peeling and flaking later on, it’s important to sand down the surface of your walls before applying any type of sealer or coating material to them. This will help ensure that any imperfections are smoothed out so they won’t be visible once you’ve finished with your project.

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