How to Become a Real Estate Agent in NSW?

A real estate agent acts on behalf of their clients to sell, buy, lease or manage the property. The property can be residential, industrial, commercial or vacant land. To qualify as an entry-level real estate agent in NSW, you must hold a Certificate of Registration. To obtain a Certificate of Registration, you must complete a Statement of Attainment course through a Registered Training Organization. If you wish to operate your real estate agency, you will need to become a License by completing a real estate licensing course and lodging your application with the regulatory body in your state.

To become a real estate agent in NSW, you need to complete The Certificate of Registration as the entry level short course. It is comprised of four units of study, and upon completion and receipt of your Statement of Attainment, you can apply to NSW Fair Trading for registration to work in the industry. This must be done before commencing work in the sector.

With a Certificate of Registration, you can perform most of the same duties as a fully licensed Agent, but an Agent or Principal must employ you. In other words, you can list, sell, appraise property, rent, and market property.

There are plenty of opportunities to choose interesting areas of specialization. Some of the jobs you might undertake as an agent include:

  • A salesperson selling the property on behalf of vendors
  • Property Manager looking after rental properties on behalf of landlords
  • Buyer’s Agent – looking for available properties for buyers. You will need to complete a Buyer’s Agent’s License course too
  • Office Manager or support staff in a Real Estate Office

With a full Real Estate License, you may also choose to become:

  • The Principal or Owner of a real estate agency
  • An Auctioneer – conducting public sales of property (with auction accreditation)

Other Opportunities may include becoming Strata. You will, however, need to undertake an additional course. You may choose the Certificate of Registration Strata or your Strata License.
Real Estate is a versatile career that is suited to many different types of people from school leavers, to parents returning to work and those seeking a change in their career.

While often involving weekend work, it does allow a degree of flexibility regarding office hours, and a variety in the types of roles you can choose to pursue. If you prefer a 9-5 weekday arrangement or certainty to balance your family commitments, property management is a career option providing you with set working hours.

  • There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn, as your salary is generally commission-based with sales-related roles.
  • People will continue to buy, sell and lease property, so there is job security in knowing they will always need an agent to assist
  • It’s not a 9-5 day. Real Estate Agents can set their working hours to suit themselves. Your days are spent out and about meeting people, seeing their properties, being on the phone and relationship-building. With a car, a phone, and a laptop, you can work from anywhere.
  • The options are available for a 9-5 day, especially in property management roles.
  • Lots of job options – You aren’t limited to buying or selling the property. You may use your creative skills to get involved in marketing or your organization skills to become a property manager or office manager. There is a wide variety of career options.
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