How to Beautify your Bathrooms with Blinds?

In the world of fashion and technology, every one of us heads towards decorating our rooms, lounge, reading rooms, and even opt for modular kitchen. Choosing the best furniture and curtains to make them look elegant and classy is always on our minds. However, something we usually overlook is, our bathrooms, thinking it to be the place visited privately only by members of our family and are far behind the notice of our visitors.

The bathroom is the only place you can treat yourself privately, so why not give it a new look too, with the all-new concept of blinds available in the market? Now the question is how to select the perfect blind for your bathroom that matches your concerns. Don’t worry! We have done the shortlisting for you to choose the right one from a range of blinds available.

1. Wooden vinyl

Bathroom vinyl blinds

If you are a lover of woods, you must try the fantastic mahogany vinyl blinds. These are better than real wooden windows which damp out easily due to the excessive heat and steam created inside the bathroom. Instead, the waterproof vinyl blinds give you the same look and finish but with a longer durability.

2. Darkened blinds

bathroom candles ideas
Why not take the exotic feel of a candle-lit shower in your bathtub with this room darkening blinds? This has got additional slits to prevent light from entering the bathroom and spoiling your romantic bath.

3. Bright blinds

Bathroom bright blind
If you are the one that keeps away from darkness and wants some light to filter in your bathroom, this one is for you. The bright blinds are light filtering blinds which provide privacy, while gently adjusting the light coming in. It doesn’t let the sun rays get to your skin but provides adequate sunshine. The slats are durable and moisture resistant, and perfect for areas as your bathroom.

4. Rolling wooden vinyl

Bathroom Rolling wooden vinyl blind
Imagine yourself bathing in the woods with the radiant window blinds. The warm earth tones of the blinds blend well with any décor. The added advantage is that you can roll them up whenever you feel your bathroom needs some fresh air and lighting.

5. Plastic blinds

bathroom cotton window curtain interior ideas
Using a cotton curtain is so much out of fashion nowadays. They stain and also smell horrible within just a few days of use. Instead, try the new vertical blinds made of plastic which are durable and traditional in style. You can also easily rub off the stains from them.

6. Blinds made of Polyester yarn

bathroom polyester yarn curtain
What about choosing the right fabric for your window blind? We suggest 100% polyester yarn, eco-friendly blind which doesn’t damage with the moisture content of your bathroom. These leave a soothing impact in the private place.

7. Top down and bottom up blind

Top down and bottom up
Why not something for your child to enjoy? With this top down and bottom up system, you can adjust the blind according to the height of your child along with yours to enjoy the outside view. You adjust it as per the privacy you need, and keep your child convinced with the beautiful view, when he makes a fuss.

8. Waterproof blinds

bathroom waterproof curtains
Waterproof makeup is all in trend nowadays, but we don’t think of our bathrooms! Why not choose the same waterproof technology when it comes to blinds. It allows you to shower freely without worrying about your curtain getting drenched in water. These are the most recommended blinds for bathrooms. However, the other options on this list also include waterproof or water-resistant blinds.
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