How Plantation Shutters Can Add Value to a Home



You may have heard about plantation shutters, which are custom-built for windows and come in various designs. These shutters have now become more popular, with more Australians falling in love with them! After all, they come with a ton of awesome benefits, from its ease of cleaning down to better insulation and privacy.

And did you know that plantation shutters can add more value to your house? If you’re wondering how to read on to learn more!

How Do Plantation Shutters Add Value to Your Home

Unlike other window treatments, plantation shutters are customized for the windows it covers. Even after selling the home, they remain in the home, which is why they are a part of the home’s sale price. This is also the reason why they add value to your home, a great investment not only for you but for future homeowners.

These are the other major benefits of plantation shutters that drive up your home’s value:

1. They Are Strong and Easy to Maintain

Most shutters or curtains would twist, break, or lose value over time. Whether you’re selling or renting your home, all tenants and buyers will look into how much maintenance and repairs will cost in all areas, including the windows.

When seeing plantation shutters, it relieves most people as they know these are very durable and made to last. They won’t get warping when exposed to the sun, nor will it discolor or break easily, which curtains or blinds usually do. You get to have privacy and better temperature control (which I’ll explain later) for years to come.

Besides that, plantation shutters are also very easy to maintain and clean compared to curtains or blinds with strings and cables! Simply open the shutters then wipe dust and dirt off with water and a soft cloth!


2. Temperature Control

Plantation shutters can block sunlight and heat from entering the house, maintaining a comfier indoor temperature. It can also add more insulation during colder weather, protecting you from the windy breeze and cold front.

You will be able to control the temperature a bit more for a more comfortable environment.

3. Better Control of Light and Privacy

One of the important features of a window is to provide not only beauty but protection and privacy to your home. Homeowners want security, investing in technology to prevent robberies or vandals. Plantation shutters add another great layer of protection that curtains and blinds aren’t able to.

Shutters will be able to block off the view of the house from nosy neighbors, still allowing light into your room. Some plantation shutters are automatic or can be programmed via remote control so you can adjust the covers with just one click of a button!

4. They Look Amazing In Your Home

Plantation shutters don’t just cover windows, you can even choose customized designs such as bifold, sliding, hinged, or stacked fixtures to suit the home’s interiors perfectly.

They also have a timeless and classic design to it, and you can choose from various colors and models to fit your home. Whether you want something Victorian, modern, minimalistic, homey, or anything else, you’ve got it! One thing’s for sure: These shutters won’t go out of style and have your home look beautiful for the long-term.

With more flexibility, along with the shutters’ beauty, it will add value to any property. Homeowners won’t have to spend too much money or effort trying to replace the windows anymore.


5. Boasting of Eco-Friendliness

And lastly, plantation shutters are actually eco-friendly. When selling your home, eco-friendliness is an important factor for many homebuyers, with them looking for something more green. Not only does this apply for electrical items and water usage, but windows, too!

Plantation shutters can block out harsh heat and cold, adding extra layers of insulation. That way, you won’t have to waste electricity on appliances like heaters or air conditioning units. It will save future homeowners larger electricity bills while reducing greenhouse gases, making the home more valuable.

Wrapping It Up

If you want plantation shutters, don’t worry about the price as it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive! Many companies sell plantation shutters not only in various designs but also in different prices that still add value and beauty to a home. With these many benefits, it’s encouraging to invest in these for the long-term!

I hope that these reasons why plantation shutters add value to your home informed you of its benefits! If you’re interested, have Plantation Shutters Brisbane to install custom-made shutters to your windows now.

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on using plantation shutters? Share it in the comments section below, all our thoughts are much appreciated.

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