6 Things to Consider When Doing a Whole Home Renovation on a Budget

If you feel that your home looks old, tired, and grubby, then it may be time to consider a whole home renovation to give it a new look and a fresh feel. But isn’t this going to be expensive, you may ask? It doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of methods for making over the home at a low cost. Here are six things to consider when doing a whole home renovation on a budget.

Renew the House Plants


Plants can give so much life to an area. One significant distinction between plants and other adornments is that they are alive! Life is exciting, and it changes as they grow and adapt. They are also interactive. They require care and attention, and some people even claim they need spoken or sung to.

Taking Care of the Garden

Since we’ve been discussing house plants, why not move outdoors and consider our garden space? If we are lucky enough to have some. There are certain things we can do to spruce up a garden without breaking the bank. A simple tidy up can make a huge difference. If we weed the flower beds, clear the moss from the paving, and paint the walls or fences, it can seem like a completely new area. Even replacing some areas with some rocks or gravel can change things around without taking on a considerable project.

New Wall Colors

One thing that can give a new look to a room is changing its color. A splash of paint can go a long way; especially if you have had a very neutral tone such as a white or magnolia, then a bright or bold change will make a massive difference. It’s also an excellent time to look at changing anything else that’s on the walls such as security devices, get a quote for the Vivint price Home Security System when you do this.

Carpets & Curtains

If you do not want to go as far as changing the primary color on the walls, then why not alter what surrounds the walls. A new carpet or set of curtains can seriously change the look of a room, either brightening or darkening the whole vibe of the place. You can even get on top of your creative urges and learn how to make your own curtains and make some pretty exciting designs that will be unique to your home.



I cannot stress enough how much the artwork on your walls or around your home says about you and your personality. If you choose to get whatever is in fashion at the moment you are redecorating, and you are missing an opportunity and risking that the place will look dated very quickly. There are loads of ways you can buy real art from local artists giving you a unique and personal piece. You can even make your own if you are artistically minded. And if you are not artistic, then why not get a canvas print of an image or photograph that’s important to you.

Professional Deep Cleaning

One thing that makes a house look unsightly, in my opinion, is dirty features. This happens over time, and there are certain things such as carpets and walls that just get grubby over time. Getting professionally cleaned carpets and walls can give the home a new lease of life without replacing anything. The same thing can be said for outside areas, pressure washing paths and walls can take a layer of grime off these surfaces and make them look newer and cleaner with little effort.

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